All Hail The CW! Supergirl Is Renewed, What It Means For The Show


So, I just found out that Supergirl just got renewed folks! Really great news. But what’s even better, is that it’ll be on The CW. What difference does that make? Everything. You see, despite the fact that the show belongs to the same universe as The Flash and Arrow, it is far from connected to these shows. In fact, the multiverse is barely even acknowledged on the show. Except for that one Flash and Supergirl cross-over, the show just pretends that the other superheroes don’t even exist. Oh, and that one crossover was literally the best episode of the entire season. Well, the show can’t exactly go around throwing easter eggs for it’s rival shows. But moving over to the CW, Supergirl becomes part of something bigger. It becomes a part of the family which has the likes of Green Arrow, The Flash, Vixen and John Constantine in it. It’s exactly what DC is trying to do with their movies. And what Marvel has been doing since The Avengers.

And let’s admit it. None of us were quite hopeful for the show to make it through the entire season, let alone get renewed. It started off with a staggering 13 million viewers. And it kept going strong for a few episodes before the ratings tanked, hard. You might say that ratings don’t matter these days. That there’s factors like Netflix and Video On Demand. Hulu and CBS’s own VOD service. But better shows have fallen to the ratings bear. And I mean much better shows with stronger fan followings like Hannibal. And CBS has always been a ratings driven network as compared to The CW. Looks at Supernatural’s ratings and compare them to any CBS show’s rating and you’ll see what I mean.

That is, not to say that Supergirl’s popularity will take a hit. In fact, I expect the show to get much better in quality. In fact, I’m already visualizing a Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Arrow, Flash, Vixen and Constantine team-up. Okay, maybe not all of them. Everyone knows that would be way too OP. In fact, I would be more interested to see Oliver and Kara team-up. Oliver would be like, is she even real? So many possibilities. Not to mention, it would practically boost ratings across all CW shows.

In the end, I would just like to thank The CW for saving the show. Really looking forward to many crossovers in the future.

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