Supergirl S3E8 Review: “Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1”


It’s that time of the year again, where Supergirl gets pulled into the rest of the DCTV universe by kicking off the crossover! This year the shows are uniting for the Crisis on Earth-X event, which comes during a time that a lot of characters are going through important (whether good or bad) points in their lives. Supergirl really sets the table by diving into things when Kara is facing the return of Mon-El and Alex is still dealing with the loss of Maggie. For both characters, the event presents itself as a nice getaway for them, but more importantly, these crossovers allow the characters to connect in new ways that aren’t found on the individual shows.

The best thing that the first part of Crisis on Earth-X does is dial into these personal looks at love and how the emotion is currently impacting most of the characters. While for Kara the episode just feels like a nice escape, she still gets asked about Mon-El because she hasn’t seen the rest of the characters since their breakup. It’s definitely sad to see that Kara is going to have to face this problem of his return more directly, but hopefully the rest of the crossover can help her to rediscover herself as an individual, which is already happening with Alex.

The connection of Alex and Sara was something amazing that was predictable but very awesome. Coming off of her split from Maggie, Alex deserved to have some sort of rebound because she is a very strong character and her breakup was the result of an unfortunate and un-fixable disagreement. Her character finally gets to loosen up a little because she’s in a different universe, which becomes a lot of fun for Supergirl this week. The connection between Sara and Alex works so well with them both being agents who can fight, but the vibe they share is just relaxed and fun loving, which is why the crossovers really excel by having all of these characters together. It allows for a nice change of pace, providing different character pairings along the way.

This idea is reflected throughout the entire episode though, allowing characters like Caitlin and Stein to reunite, having a beautiful scene where they reminisce about Ronnie.  Supergirl really pulls the most out of this episode from the characters, which is what elevates the DCTV events every year. It feels like the production value continues to increase and the shows all put together a great story with solid writing and planning. The showrunners and writers deserve a lot of credit, because as these shows and their teams continue to grow, it allows them the flexibility to have more fun; however, there is a lot of emotion and effort put into delivering these different stories and getting the best out of every minute in the episode.

Supergirl really kicks off the “Crisis on Earth-X” event nicely though, because it sets up the closeness that the characters in these DC TV shows have established throughout the years. Arrow is into it’s sixth season, The Flash it’s fourth, and now Legends and Supergirl are growing as well. The shows have put together casts that have great chemistry; both on their own as well as when they unite for the crossovers. Supergirl delivered a really great introduction into the event this week though, providing a great blend of humor, heart and action, so it will be a blast to see what comes next!

Other Thoughts:

  • The opening of the dark Earth was a ton of fun, so so great to see the heroes we love act as villains in this “what if” scenario.
  • On top of that, despite his disappearance as Guardian, it was neat to see that James, on an Earth where everyone else has chosen the path of evil, still reflects good ideals down to his core, similar to Captain America. It’s a shame that his entire Season 2 story was executed poorly.
  • Even down to the Crisis title screen, the production on this crossover has completely upped the game!
  • I really really miss Ronnie…. it would be awesome if they could bring him back and have he and Jax be a new Firestorm pair. Hell, even swap Wally over to Legends and put Firestorm back into The Flash so he and Caitlin can be together.
  • Honestly I think my only complaint with the crossover is I don’t necessarily need the evil Earth to be Nazis. I guess I just didn’t need an attachment to an organization… I assume they were going for the Superman: Red Son type of setting and look, but I think the point would have been accomplished without a direct connection…
  • Caitlin’s Ice sword! Badass!
  • Love the return of the Prometheus music/sound. Also I assume Roy will definitely be Prometheus from Earth-X? Right?
  • Supergirl S3E8 Review: "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1"

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