Supernatural Episodes: Kim Manners, Director


Kim Manners Directs Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in Season One's "Dead in the Water"

Supernatural Season One:

Episode 3 “Dead in the Water” Original airdate: 9/27/2005

Episode 8 “Bugs” Original airdate: 11/8/2005

Episode 11 “Scarecrow” Original airdate: 1/10/2006

Episode 16 “Shadow” Original airdate: 2/28/2006

Episode 22 “Devil’s Trap” Original airdate: 5/4/2006

Supernatural Season Two:

Episode 1 “In My Time Of Dying” Original airdate: 9/28/2006

Episode 4 “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” Original airdate: 10/19/2006

Episode 6 “No Exit” Original airdate: 11/2/2006

Episode 13 “Houses of the Holy” Original airdate: 2/1/2007

Episode 17 “Heart” Original airdate: 3/22/2007

Episode 22 “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2” Original airdate: 5/17/2007

Supernatural Season Three:

Episode 1 “The Magnificent Seven” Original airdate: 10/04/2007

Episode 7 “Fresh Bloood” Original airdate: 11/05/2007

Episode 11 “Mystery Spot” Original airdate: 2/4/2008

Episode 16 “No Rest for the Wicked” Original airdate: 5/15/2008

DVD Extras: “The Magnificent Seven”: A Closer Look With Director Kim Manners

Supernatural Season Four:

Episode 1 “Lazarus Rising” Original airdate: 9/18/2008

Episode 4 “Metamophosis” Original airdate: 10/9/2008

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