Supernatural: Five Reasons Why Dean is Better Than Sam

Supernatural Sam and Dean

It’s easy to assume that a lot of people that have watched Supernatural have their favorite Winchester brother that they like to follow. Some might claim that they like them both equally and that’s fine, but there’s always bound to be a bit of favoritism towards one or the other. But as Saim Cheeda from ScreenRant has shown there are various reasons why Sam and Dean might garner support from fans that aren’t so like-minded. Each brother has their own distinct personality after all and while Sam might seem like the better brother at times since he’s more compassionate and willing to help just about anyone it some folks might also think that this makes him a little more of a liability to himself and those around him since in their line of work the Winchester’s can’t afford to be too chummy with just anyone.

Here are a few reasons why Dean is better than Sam when it comes to the show.

5. Dean is able to make friends a lot easier than Sam.

It’s not a horrible thing to be unable to make friends so easily but with Sam being the kind of person he is it does seem as though it’s a bit odd as to why he can’t just sweep one friend after another into his trust. Dean has no problem making friends despite the fact that he’s a little more hard-nosed in his approach than his brother. People seem to know what they’re getting into with Dean and a lot of folks like the blunt manner despite the fact that it can make Dean seem as though he doesn’t really care at times. The honesty of this attitude is refreshing since it doesn’t always get mired down by feelings that might get in the way.

4. He’s been broken in the past.

Being broken doesn’t mean much if you get back up and put the pieces back together. In fact some of the strongest people in the world have been broken and have learned that once you’ve been broken once, there’s very little that anyone can possibly do to you from that point that will make much of a dent. Sam has been through an ordeal even longer and more torturous than his brother, but he’s displayed a different kind of strength in never having been broken in the same way as Dean. The downside of never being broken, oh yes there is one, is that you never really understand the inner strength that it takes to get back up when you’ve been knocked to the ground.

3. Dean isn’t a bleeding heart.

While it’s true that being compassionate is not a weakness but a strength, it is also a huge liability that can be exploited. Sam wants to help everyone and that’s great, it’s honorable and noble, but there are times when the truth has to be faced and a person has to realize that no matter how badly they want to help, the people that they’re trying to aid are either beyond their help or don’t want it. Dean is a little more practical in his approach, meaning he’d rather cut his losses at times than use precious time and resources to try and help someone that’s not willing to accept it. This doesn’t really make him better than Sam as it’s simply another side of the same coin that is humanity. It’s important to help, but it’s also important to know when to step away.

2. His sense of humor is a lot more developed.

Sam isn’t a soulless automaton, but his sense of humor isn’t nearly as developed as Dean’s. In their business a sense of humor seems like it would be a requirement that each brother would need in order to get through their day at times, and Dean definitely has that down since being able to laugh before, during, or after a dangerous situation seems like the best way to diffuse something that might have been life-threatening and could possibly lead to depression or far-reaching nightmares that would allow the terror to gain too much of a foothold in a person’s life. If nothing else, it means that Dean is able to enjoy himself just a little more than Sam.

1. He’s fiercely devoted to Sam.

Both brothers are devoted to each other, that much is true, but it would appear that Dean would do anything for his brother, no matter what. He’s the type of guy that would gladly take another trip through Hell just to keep Sam safe since he cares about his family and would rather take the pain than see it delivered to his brother. They might not always get along or agree on everything but there is a connection between the brothers that doesn’t allow Dean to just sit idly by when Sam is in danger.

In truth Dean is probably the stronger of the two.


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