Supernatural 8.15 Photos: Will The Winchesters Help a Witch?

SupernaturalDean really hates witches on Supernatural.  No, seriously, he really, really hates witches.  Unfortunately, this is a  group that the Winchesters face again and again on the show and they’re about to have another confrontation in a late February episode.

In “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits”, we learn that a police officer named Kevin started practicing witchcraft after working a case with Sam and Dean.  Now he’s having nightmares where he’s killing innocent people.  But a strange happens: the murders actually start taking place.  The Winchester brothers start investigating the case when Kevin’s “familiar” calls them for help.  Of course, since this is a witch, the brothers aren’t entirely certain they want to help him.

You know what I love about these photos?  The brothers mix up some Molotov cocktails.  Granted, there’s not a lot of photos, but knowing that flying projectiles are going to appear in this episode automatically makes it cool.

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