A 90-Minute Episode For Glee?

That’s right, Gleeks. Looks like the upcoming episode “Born This Way” has so much goodness that it just may have to be an entire half hour longer than the usual 60-minute run, according to TV Line. Based on Lady Gaga’s hit single of the same title, this episode will show how the teens deal with their body image and self acceptance. Lauren (Ashley Fink) will decide to run for Prom Queen, going against the traditional stereotype and norm (and I really hope she wins) and Rachel will start to consider getting a nose job.

While the episode title is based on Gaga’s single, which will be performed by the Glee kids, “Born This Way” will not be another tribute episode like season 1 “Theatricality”. Most of the episode has already been shot, but additional music numbers might be included, depending on the decision to actually do a 90-minute run or not. It is still unclear if those performances will be Lady Gaga’s songs.

“Born This Way” is scheduled to air on April 26th. Glee is currently in a mini hiatus after the amazing “Original Song” aired a couple of weeks ago and will return in April with episode 17 entitled “Night of Neglect” with special guest star Gwyneth Paltrow.

Check out the promo below.



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