Superstore Review: “Lost and Found” Is A Fun Return From Hiatus


Superstore has emerged as one of the top workplace comedies of the past year, and the return from hiatus has been no exception. The show left off with some major cliffhangers, like Garrett and Dina hooking up, and Amy telling Adam that she wasn’t happy. They wasted no time in addressing some of these issues, and having fun with it.

This week on Superstore: The store has to get rid of all the lost and found items for the year, so they have a lottery among the employees. Amy ends up with a pair of cargo shorts, but finds something inside them that make her day…for a minute. Meanwhile, Dina insists that Garrett not be “weird” about their encounter, but continues pinning the “weird” on him. Glenn, concerned that his employees are clinically depressed, makes an effort to cheer everyone up.

I’ve been saying all along that this show is funny because it’s real. It’s obviously heightened and exaggerated to a point, but there are so many things that happen that are realistic or are rooted in truth. Take Dina and Garrett for example. In this situation, Dina represents someone who is distancing herself from a potentially heartbreaking and emotional situation. Garrett, on the other hand, is being obstructed in his attempt to play things cool, and is subsequently frustrated. Both of these are such realistic human emotions, but they play in a way that’s very funny, largely due to the talent of Colton Dunn and Lauren Ash.  The whole thing played really well and felt so real.

On top of that, perhaps the most compelling story was Amy’s. Jonah, relatively unwittingly, found this money for her and even though she wanted to use it for herself, she got trapped into not wanting to disappoint the people she cared about. It all felt pretty typical until she broke down at the end and told Glenn about her marriage. That’s when I realized that the entire story about her finding the money and giving it for everyone’s benefit was a metaphor for her marriage. Instead of doing what she wanted, she tried to make someone else happy and it ended up leaving her empty. I’m not sure if Superstore always uses clever undertones like that, but this was a great layer to the story and I’m anxious to see things continue to unfold.

Here are a few other thoughts/funny moments:

  • “Cloud 9 really does care!”
  • “OK. I won’t be weird…lady who owns multiple birds”
  • I love the lost and found lottery. Seems like a lot of fun. No one ever left anything cool at K-mart.
  • “Somewhere in St. Louis there’s an overweight stoner who can’t pay his escort”
  • Is it me, or is Sandra Superstore‘s Jerry Gergich? That makes me both happy and sad.

“Lost and Found” leaned into Superstore’s human element a little harder than some of its predecessors, but it worked well and it was enjoyable. Funny, poignant, and true to life. I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone wants in a comedy series, right?

What did you guys think? Did you enjoy the episode? Let us know!

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC

Superstore Season 2 Episode 11 Review: "Lost and Found"


The employees divvy up the lost and found items in a lottery, and Amy hits the jackpot on this week’s hilarious and emotional Superstore.

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