Survivor: South Pacific 23.10 “Running the Show” Recap

If you missed last week’s episode, do yourself a favor and catch up with my recap here.

This week’s edition of Survivor begins on Night 24 at Redemption Island with Jim’s arrival. The three former Savaiis laugh at the fact that they were supposed to be the Final Three. Jim confesses that Coach is leading a cult back at Te Tuna. Ozzy rues the fact that Coach will just bring Edna and Cochran to the end with him and win the game.

Over at the aforementioned Te Tuna, Coach says that Jim is the worst kind of guy because he has no loyalty. Coach confides that whomever is on the bottom of the alliance needs to be kept happy so they don’t revolt. That’s why he talks about loyalty so much and is always checking in with those on the bottom of the totem pole. Whitney can’t understand how all of these smart people (i.e. Sophie and Cochran) can be so stupid as to fall for Coach’s lines.

The next morning, Coach leads Cochran in some yoga. Cochran admits that he’s drinking the Coach Kool-Aid. Coach tells his new acolyte that he’s becoming worried about Brandon and Albert. Cochran notes the power struggle and feels nervous about his spot in the game. Perhaps he can clear his head while watching the…

…Duel. For this three-way Duel, each player will have his arms outstretched and hold two poles on the back of his hands and against an overhead beam. The first two players to drop a pole become members of the Jury. Jeff starts the Duel and ten minutes passes. Brandon says he’s rooting for Jim; Whitney is rooting for Keith. Unsurprisingly, no one favors Ozzy. Jim loses his focus and drops his poles. Keith’s pole close to edge, as does Ozzy’s. Keith’s pole drops and Ozzy stays alive. Keith asks Ozzy to win the game for them. Ozzy says he’s in the best place in the game because he is eating lots of fish and doesn’t have to trust anyone. Jim hopes there is a Double Redemption Island twist, but alas, he must throw his buff in the fire. Keith does the same as Ozzy and the others head back to their camps.

On Redemption Island, Ozzy swims for some fish. Being alone is a mini paradise for him. He’s glad Te Tuna is missing his skills as no one is providing back at their beach. Plus, he doesn’t have to deal with the normal end game of Survivor and all of its scheming, plotting and lying.

Back at Te Tuna, Ozzy’s words appear to be true, as no one is eating. Dawn admits to Cochran that she should have flipped with him and now she’s willing to do whatever she can to stay in the game. This leads Cochran to contemplate going back to Dawn and Whitney and likely earn more Jury votes. He will have to consider this plan after the…

…Immunity Challenge. For the Challenge, each player must balance a rice-filled bowl on his or her head. Without touching the bowl or spilling it, the players must race over two teeter-totters and pour the rice into a collection bowl. When enough rice has been added, the collection bowl will lower and a flag will be raised. The first to raise the flag wins Immunity. “Survivors ready….go!” Albert drops his first bowl of rice, as do Coach and Cochran. Dawn, Sophie and Brandon all negotiate the teeter-totters and drop off their first bowls. Coach scores a bowl, and Brandon gets his second in the collection bowl. Dawn and Sophie get their second bowls too. For her third bowl, Sophie overflows her bowl. Brandon scores his third, but it’s not enough, nor does Dawn’s. Sophie makes it the entire way with her overloaded bowl, and pours it into the collection bowl. It is way more than enough as her flag is raised. Sophie wins Immunity, and a hug from Rick (his only action the entire episode)! Jeff dresses Sophie in the Immunity Necklace, and announces that there will be a twist revealed at Tribal Council.

Day 27. Cochran was upset by his performance in the Challenge, leaving him in danger and what he thinks will be a double elimination. Dawn believes she will be the one to next head to RI. Whitney wants to make a move, but is having trouble finding the right people: Brandon is crazy, Rick isn’t playing, and Coach is, well, Coach. Albert, therefore, is the target. She and Dawn approach him about teaming up. For his part, Albert wants to secure every Savaii vote he can, so maybe if he moves against Edna, he will be able to sew up Savaii’s votes. He says he will get Cochran and try for one more vote to get rid of Edna.

Albert talks to Cochran and tells him he is in seventh place. This upsets Cochran who believes he should be rewarded for saving Upolu. Albert approaches Sophie about his plan, too. She is sympathetic as they are both strategic players. Cochran thinks Coach is getting suspicious of their maneuvering. Coach confides that whatever Albert is doing, whether it be trying to eliminate him or just trying to secure Savaii’s votes, it is bad news. If anyone moves against The Family, they’re dead. Will someone from Upolu pull a Fredo at…

…Tribal Council? Jeff welcomes the Jury: a clean-shaven Jim and a skirt-wearing Keith. Dawn, it appears to be time to find or create a crack in the alliance of seven. She replies that it is time for numbers 5, 6, and 7 in the Upolu alliance to make a move. Whitney, who are the bottom people? Jeff asks. Cochran is seven, but that’s all she knows. Cochran recognizes that he is a latecomer to Upolu. True or false, Cochran, this is best time to make a move? Definitely true, and he, as a fan, would actually like to see a big move made. Dawn says she should be used to make a move because she has kept her word throughout the game, so she will be loyal. Coach, how concerning is it that one person could change the plan and the game could slip away? Coach replies that he’s always thinking, but he isn’t running the show. He worries, and plots, and trusts, all day long, and it is driving him nuts. Whitney says everyone reports back to Coach, so he must be the leader. Albert says Coach might just be a figurehead for the tribe. Coach likes the info he just received as he can use it to save himself when his life in the game is on the line, which he admits will be soon.

With that, it’s time to vote. They do, and Jeff collects the ballots. No one plays the Hidden Immunity Idol. Dawn and Edna alternate the first four votes. Votes Five and Six are for Dawn. Jeff reads the seventh vote, “The eleventh person voted out of Survivor: South Pacific…Dawn!” She has her torch snuffed and makes her way to Redemption Island. Jeff then reveals the twist: it’s time for another Tribal Council, following a second…

…Immunity Challenge. Jeff will ask the castaways survival-related questions. If a player gives a wrong answer, that player is out. Albert, Edna, and Rick all go out on first question. Cochran and Brandon are out on a coconut crab question. Coach is eliminated when he believes the flesh of a coconut is called coco sprouts. Whitney and Sophie remain. The next question is a true/false question, and as the women give opposite answers, it is the deciding question. The answer is False and Sophie wins Immunity! She receives the necklace and is asked to take the urn and immediately vote. Everyone does and Jeff collects and reads the votes. Vote One is for Cochran. Vote Two is for Whitney, as are Votes Three, Four and Five. Jeff reads the sixth vote, “The twelfth person voted out of Survivor: South Pacific…Whitney!” Her torch is snuffed, and she marches off into the Blue Light of Death. Jeff tells Te Tuna that the Good news is that they have accomplished eliminating Savaii. The bad news is that there is no place left to hide. With that, he sends them back to camp.

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