Susan Boyles Cracking Up? Welcome To Celebrity, Sue.

susan-boyleBritain’s Got Talen phenom Susan Boyle is getting a taste of the celebrity life in a big way. While she made it through the first semi-finals last week life off the stage has not been so cheery. Word of Susan blowing up at a hotel and shaking her fist at a defenseless television hit the wire this morning, along with reports of a teary eyed Boyle reaming out a couple of journalists. The first incident took place during an airing of her Britain’s Got Talent semi-final episode. The judges were praising 12 year old Shaheen Jafargholi, and Susan apparently said “Oh, F__k off!” Not very sports-lady-like, Susan.

The next episode was a little more extreme. It seems a couple of tabloid reporters TMZ’d Susan with some ambush journalism tactics. Susan became angry, screaming obscenities at the reporters who were eventually remvoed from the hotel by police. Other customers reported Susan as being extremely emotional by the encounter.

Piers Morgan, one of the judges on Britain’s Got Talent, defended Susan by mocking her humble background even more on CBS This Morning. “From what I hear, she’s been in tears the last two days. She even threatened to leave the show yesterday at one stage, because of the sheer amount of pressure on her. You have to remember with Susan, she’s a 48-year-old lady from a tiny village in Scotland who has never been exposed to anything like this kind of attention. And I think she’s really feeling the heat. The hotel she’s in is crawling in tourists, crawling in the media. I think maybe she overreacted. I don’t know what happened. She denies, apparently, some of the things that have been reported.”

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