Sylvester Stallone Unveils the Very First Poster for the Movie “Rocky”

Sylvester Stallone decided to unveil the very first poster ever drawn for the movie Rocky and it’s kind of impressive to be honest. The artwork is something else and the montage below is kind of fun too. You can get a real feeling of what Rocky was going through and what he had to do to get where he wanted to be. The only issue I have with the poster is that it might give TOO much away all at once. That might not have been an issue back then or it might have which could be why the poster never made it out to where the public could see it. If this one was seen by the public you would think that someone would have said something by now, but ah well.

The reason I say that this might give too much away is that you can see Rocky training, you can see him with Adrian already, and you can see he’s had the hell beat out of him as well. A lot of people might decide that they don’t care about that and that’s all well and good, but the idea of a movie is to not give too much away until a person sits down to watch. If they can guess from the poster what’s about to happen then what’s the point? I notice at least that they don’t show Apollo, which might be good or bad depending on who you ask.

I’d hate to think of how much a person would have had to pay for this in order to get it, but it sounds now like Sylvester Stallone is the only person that has the only copy in existence. That’d have to be pretty special since Rocky is really the movie that got his career going and catapulted him to the top. It might have started going a bit cheesy the more movies he made but in the beginning the grit, the guts, and the never say die attitude was what inspired a lot of people. He was the ultimate underdog for the longest time and yet he never stopped trying and never stopped when he was getting the living crap kicked out of him by Apollo.

I recall in the second film when Apollo was talking to his trainer that Tony straight up told him that Rocky was all wrong for them. Apollo put a hurting on the man unlike anything Tony had ever seen and Rocky just KEPT COMING. You think about a person like that, someone that will take everything that life has to offer and just keep coming back for more, and you should feel a little anxiety about the fact because those folks are the ones that are determined enough to keep taking the fight to anyone that gets in their way. It doesn’t matter if they’re beaten, bruised, cut, or can barely stand, so long as their will isn’t broken they’re bound to keep coming back again, and again, and again.

That’s how winning is done after all.

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