Ted Allen Shares Some Secrets About the Show Chopped

Watching Chopped leaves a lot of questions since while there’s a good idea of what’s going on and how the production team handles it there’s still the idea that there’s more going on than the viewers are allowed to see. That make sense to be honest considering that revealing too much might destroy the whole idea of the show. But as the host, Ted Allen, has gone on to explain, there are some parts of the show that aren’t shown on purpose and there some that are kind of just pushed to the side. The questions that he and some of the judges no doubt hear on a constant basis are what he’s decided to answer, at least a few of them, as after watching the show for so long it seems that fans do want to know just what’s going on and why thing are the way they are.

Who’s going to win?

A lot of people pick their favorites as they watch the chefs enter the kitchen, either from their attitude or their list of accomplishments. You can’t ever tell everything from the way a person walks or how they talk, but the general idea is that those who allow their attitude to lead them into the kitchen don’t always come off so well. Those with the best resume don’t always succeed and those that are the penultimate underdogs can come from behind and knock even the best chefs off if they keep themselves in the game and their minds on what they’re doing. One great thing about the show is that it is based on merit and what the chefs manage to accomplish, it’s not a predetermined thing. There’s no favoritism among chefs, save for the viewers, and the judges are being as fair as they can be in terms of the taste, appearance, and overall presentation.

The basket ingredients are about as random as they can get.

You might see an ingredient that’s duplicated every now and again, meaning it’s been on the show before but not for a while. But with thousands of ingredients in circulation for the show it’s only a matter of time before they come up with the same thing for a different basket now and again. This is usually remedied pretty quickly before the show goes on however, and the combinations within the baskets are likely to be just as unknown and hard to deal with as any other combo that’s ever been seen. Some of the ingredients are considered a bit freaky and out of the norm, but the chefs have managed to do what they can with them.

The show’s ingredients do make sense from a cultural standpoint.

Such things as eels, snakes, pig tongue, goat’s head, and so on and so forth might seem like they’re way out of left field for a lot of competitors since in America there are still things that make a lot of people wrinkle their noses and wonder just what in the world the producers are thinking. But from a cultural standpoint some of these foods make a good deal of sense considering that around the world the taste pallet of each society does differ quite a bit. It might amaze Americans that some of our delicacies that seem so normal are looked at in wonder by those around the globe, just as a lot of us might look at something like mealworms and pig blood with something approaching disgust.

The fourth plate of food isn’t consumed.

The fourth plate isn’t for Ted, in fact no one gets to touch it since the three plates are for the judges and no one else. Instead, the fourth plate is for the presentation that you get to see on screen and then to hide under the cloche before being revealed as the person that was chopped. Also, the plate of food is sitting around for nearly two and a half hours after it’s been cooked, so eating it wouldn’t be a good idea since it’s not put in the fridge or even kept warm. It’s for presentation only, and while it’s kind of a waste of food it’s for the overall presentation to show what the chef accomplished.

It’s all about competition and keeping things interesting. There is a possibility of being able to make 2 batches of ice cream in a single 30-minute round, but seeing as how the contestants are usually flying around the kitchen without really thinking about what it might take to cooperate and help each other out this rarely happens. After all it’s winner take all, so many people are going to be thinking about their own success, not being a friendly or team player when it comes to the next person.
At the end of the day there are a lot of questions that Chopped doesn’t always answer unless you take the time to ask, but then why spoil the fun?

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