Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 6 Review: ”Required Reading”

Teen Wolf

This week’s Teen Wolf made no effort in holding back the horror and intensiveness, as the Dread Doctors created more problems for our heroes, which caused them both physical and psychological pain.

I know that for the past few episodes that we have been using the word “solid” a lot to describe the arc of this season, as well as the bad guys. While any episode does have its flaw or two, it’s still so remarkable how well these Dread Doctors are used on the show and how Jeff Davis has structured them, because usually, I’m expecting a season of Teen Wolf to always be very action packed in cool ways. However, this year it has been very focused on the psychological sides of these heroes, and it’s a new kind of battle that we don’t get to see often in shows like Teen Wolf.

The one thing I found unnecessary was the continuing teases of a Lydia/Parrish relationship. Okay, I get it: shows with Teen Wolf‘s type of audience need to have some relationships, which is fine. I like it, but wouldn’t it technically be a little, I don’t know, illegal because isn’t Lydia too young for Parrish at this point? I do enjoy seeing him train her, which basically gives us an explanation to how she kicked so much butt in the premiere, which took place in the present, since everything we are seeing right now is just flashbacks. I know. It’s a bit complicated; just follow along.

Kira is going through odd phases, getting sleepy a lot, and speaking languages that she didn’t even know she knew. It was sort of cool that Mason (who we can never have enough of; he is a great dude) explained that it was connected to her Kitsune side and how Kitsunes struggle with language. I’m still not sure how the Dread Doctors’ book made it difficult particularly for her to read, but I guess I will have to do a few re-watches of the episode, because twice isn’t always enough.

Speaking of things that we didn’t fully understand, let’s talk about all those painful memories that our heroes had to go through thanks to the Doctors. Scott’s memory was definitely the most painful to watch, even though Lydia had a pretty gruesome one, too. I guess it goes back to the aspect of seeing how Scott is now, but how he wasn’t before the night he got bitten. Stiles’ memory, however, was terrifying, not just because his mom was featured (after five years, we finally got to see his [dead] mom!), but because how psycho she went on him. They are going to have to explain a bit better how it exactly the Dread Doctors’ book triggers things in these characters’ mind and how it causes them physical pain, especially if the whole point is that the writers are trying to give us a villain that is based more on science and technology than something supernatural.

The episode ends with the opening scene followed by Theo saving Stiles’ butt, but he had to do it by killing the Chimera, which is obviously not the greatest thing to do if you are trying to get into Scott’s pack. However, Theo reminds Stiles that he can’t tell anyone because Theo didn’t say anything about Donavan. What happens next? You are just going to have to tune in next Monday in order to find out, as we are only four episodes away from wrapping up the first half of what has been a very strong season so far.

Teen Wolf airs on Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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