Ten Awesome Instrumental Theme Covers for Current Shows

mad men

Sometimes we hear a TV theme song so many times we simply forget about it. Others, they get stuck in our head for years. I’ve had a few bouncing around inside my brain for a while now, so I thought I’d create a list with some of the best covers of modern TV themes that I hunted down on YouTube.

There are THOUSANDS to choose from, but these ten are ones that caught my eye. Well, my ear. I tried to go with a different assortment of instruments, and I think you’ll like a lot of what I’ve found. Check them out starting with Mad Men below.

Mad Men Bass Only by Adam Ben Ezra

True Blood Acoustic by ortoPilot

Game of Thrones Heavy Metal by TehMacEmpire


Boardwalk Empire Piano by iYoungKev

Breaking Bad Acoustic by Niccolo Savinelli

The Walking Dead Harps by Camille and Kennerly

Fringe Piano by Stephtan91

Downton Abbey Ukulele and Guitar by Matthew Lister

Big Bang Theory Drums by Darthvera

Dexter Guitar Bass by TheModernTraditional

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