Ten of the Best Non-Lead South Park Characters


South Park has been a steady favorite for the past nineteen years and it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly twenty years since the airing of the first episode. The characters have a ribald comedy that is endearing and leaves us rolling in our seats and hollering for more. Most of us dyed in the wool fans have a favorite character whether its Butters, Cartman, Kenny, Kyle or Stan. Who isn’t familiar with “those bastards killed Kenny?”

But what about the other characters who are not regulars but appear from time to time on the show? There have been quite a few over the past decades but some have stood out above the others. These are the ones who either made a famous statement that has become a part of the colloquialism we all share or made a memorable impact on viewers in some way. These characters each deserve to have at a minimum, an honorable mention and this is dedicated to the memory of these starts who may have only appeared on a few episodes of South Park, but they’ve had a humorous impact on the world of fans who enjoyed their contributions.

We’ve gathered together a list of ten of best under the radar South Park characters and we hope that your favorite is among them.

1. Lemmiwinks


Lemmiwinks only appeared in two episodes of South Park, but he made a lasting impression that left everyone talking and laughing for years to come. You have to possess a strong enjoyment of bathroom humor to truly appreciate Lemmiwinks, but those who do appreciated his efforts to escape from Mr. Slave’s rectum. We also found his fights with the other gerbil Wikilinks to be entertaining.

2. Big Gay Al


We’ve only seen Big Gay Al appear in a few of the long running South Park episodes but he made a really big impact, enough to make us remember him. If you are familiar with the phrase “I’m super,” then you know exactly who we’re talking about. Big Gay Al appeared in “Bigger Longer and Uncut.” and we won’t forget you Big Gay Al.

3. Tweek Tweak


Tweek is a favorite among many dedicated viewers who have been faithful to catch the majority of the episodes because he hasn’t been on there enough for occasional viewers to know who we’re talking about. Anyone who has an anxiety disorder can relate to this character. He has got to be one of the most beloved and heart wrenching characters who has ever appeared on the show. It’s too bad that the writers didn’t include hiim in a greater number of the episodes.

We haven’t seen much of him in more recent episodes. The last one he appeared in was in the Tweek and Craig episode where he was Craig’s lover. This was an episode that really stood out in the long lineup. Tweek makes you want to give him a little comfort and we think that it’s possible that the character brings out the best in many of us.

4. Jimmy Valmer


The handicapped kid appeared most prolifically in the fifth season of South Park. Since then he occasionally gets a few good lines. Perhaps the most entertaining appearance he made was in the “cripple fight” episode. This was a bit of humor that ventured into the nearly unforgivable for those of us who rolled on the floor in laughter. It’s nothing you would want your neighbors to know about, but the character of Jimmy was there to teach the crew some good old fashioned values and perhaps as viewers, we gain a little something from this very optimistic young man.

5. Saddam Hussein


Although not a regular on the show, Saddam Hussein is a character who has been fairly well exploited by the writers. His abuse of Satan is a true work of genius. What can we say… it’s hilarious and the relationship that the two maintain is beyond absurd. It’s great to see how the ruler of darkness is debased by his love for Saddam and although it’s perhaps one of the most ridiculous that has ever been aired, it’s really funny.

6. Jesus


South Park brought Jesus into the show and has given us the Muhammad controversies. The show depicts his as one of the regulars in town, but he still remains the son of God. They don’t portray him as anyone mystical, but viewers still know that he is special. Jesus fights Satan during the first season and the inclusion of this character was something that everyone seemed to enjoy.

7. Hankey the Christmas Poo


Yes, then there is Hankey. Most young people can sing his song by memory and the majority of adults at least know one refrain. We know that he is “small and brown and comes from you.” This one was a little sketchy at first. The worst part of this character is that the song is catchy and it’s tough to get out of your mind once you’ve heard it. We give this beloved character seventh place in our list of the top ten.

8. Wendy Testaburger


Where did Wendy go? She’s not included as much as she used to be but we’re all familiar with the commonly known fact that you don’t f#@# with Wendy Testaburger. Her feminist character appeared fairly regularly in the beginning of the show but the character has faded into the sunset and we don’t see a lot of her. She does a good representation of how screwed up society can really be and she offered a bit of realism to the show.

9. Officer Barbrady


He doesn’t appear as often as he used to and you can’t really call him a regular because we never know when he’s going to be included in the show. Officer Barbrady is one of the most vulgar incompetents that we’ve seen on South Park. He’s one of the most rude characters but the writers had viewers rolling out of their chairs in laughter when he wanted to learn to read in order to catch the Chickenlover.

10. Chef


Chef was a stable and heartwarming character that helped to set the show up in the early years. His going out really ticked a lot of viewers off. He didn’t deserve to end up with his brains scrambled but it would be hard to ever replace Issac Hayes who unfortunately died in real life.  Many of us really miss Chef’s contributions to the series. We say goodbye to Chef and his Salisbury steak as well.

Final thoughts

These are just ten of the characters who stood out above the rest. Through the past few decades, South Park has been delivering his on their regular characters and doing just as well with the semi regulars and occasional insertion of a new and interesting additions, comers and goers.

*Shout out to Timmy and about 100 more characters that could easily be on this list

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