Ten Minutes Of A Hydraulic Press Cutting Things With Giant Blades

A person amusing themselves for ten minutes or more at a time with a hydraulic press that can cut things with giant blades kind of needs to get out more I think. It doesn’t seem to take much to entertain some folks, but watching this is more impressive than anything and kind of frightening in a way since I could very easily see someone making another Saw movie based on this design. I wonder if they’d have to give credit to the guy in this clip or if they could modify it just enough to avoid having to really mention where they got it. I’d like to think they’d at least give mention of where they first saw it.

Just watching this thing is insane. When it cuts apart a Barbie doll that seems to be the precursor to a horror movie. Just thinking of an actual human being beneath those blades is horrible but it’s something that just won’t go away once you see the smaller representation. Then they crush an iPad, and the thing gets segmented into eight different pieces. Then they try a ream of paper, and that seems to be the only thing that stops it at all out of everything. The thick ream only gives up about an inch before the blades are stalled and they have to pull it back up. Plates are no match for the blades, neither is a head of cabbage. But you would think that a frying pan, a real one and not a toy, would be able to stand up to this thing and not give as much. You’d be wrong. This thing is coming down with so much pressure that it folds the edges of the frying pan as though they were warm butter.

That is a scary powerful hydraulic press that with this attachment has the potential to be just nasty. Watching what it did to the watermelon and the bicycle helmet might be a great way to show what happens to your skull in a head on collision while biking. It’d be gross and over the top but it would likely get the point across. I doubt it would encourage cyclists to be safer on the road but it would at least give them incentive I would hope when it comes to actually following the rules of the road like everyone else. A lot of cyclists already do, but there are always those mavericks that think they don’t need to, oh wait, off topic.

Anyway, this thing is a beast, a nightmare of sorts that just flat out tears apart anything that comes underneath the blades and decimates whatever it touches. The paper though wasn’t too much of a surprise since the thickness is a lot greater than any of the other items. Plus paper has a tendency to jam just about anything that doesn’t have an edge that’s sharp enough to simply punch through it. The hydraulic is all about force and punching through, but with paper it requires just a little more the thicker it gets.

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