Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.14 “The Good Wound” Recap

Back from the dead, or just back to haunt us?

Back from the dead, or just back to haunt us?

The past comes back to haunt Terminator in a big way when we pick up not long after the ending of ‘Earthlings Welcome Here’. Sarah and Riley are both in the hospital with the men who love them watching over and the forces around them circle. In other news: John Henry plays with toys, and the product-placing Fox FX budget gets to finally give us some Terminator carnage.

Previously: Cromartie’s gone but not forgotten as Catherine’s made his chassis the new host for the Babylon AI. Riley wants out of the dangerous game Jesse has her playing, and she’s apparently willing to cut her own wrists to do it. Sarah chased her dots and a mysterious metal all the way to a warehouse in the desert, where her poor people-reading skills got her shot in the leg. Everyone with me? Awesome. It’s not the best episode ever, but it’s mine. Let’s rock.

…Or we could just lay there unconscious, which is how the scene opens. A lonely voice quotes T1’s Michael Biehn, ‘John Connor gave me a picture of you once. I didn’t know why at the time.’Sarah’s eyes shoot open and her memory flashes back to the bloody dots and the events of the last episode. ‘You were young then, like you are now. You seemed a little sad… I came across time for you, Sarah. I love you.’Sarah’s memory remembers getting shot and we’re all caught up (or so we think). Outside her hospital door, Sarah spies a deputy, played by Supernatural‘s Chad Lindberg, talking to the nurse and trying to find out when he can question the Jane Doe. The disembodied voice whispers, ‘On your feet soldier.’Sarah takes in her surroundings and begins to sit up while pulling the IV of blood out of her arm. She stumbles when she gets out of the bed and an arm pops into view, hand extended. Kyle looks at her with a determined look on his face.

‘Come with me if you want to live.’

Sarah has the good sense to look kinda freaked out as we cut to the hallway and a bored Deputy “Ash”. (Listen, I know the character has another name, I’m ignoring it. Let me get my fun where I can this episode, OK?) The Deputy’s standing outside Sarah’s room when he hears a crash. He dashes into the hospital room and sees an IV pole stuck through the window. He has barely enough time to think, “That’s not good,” before Sarah drops the IV tube around his neck and proceeds to choke him unconscious. Kyle steps over the body and reminds Sarah to take the gun as he checks the hallway. Giving the all clear, they exit. As Sarah limps past doctors and nurses, she tries to look like she’s a) not escaping and b) not talking to someone who’s not really there. She fails at both as Kyle starts urging her to ‘call him.’She tries to tell him that this isn’t something she wants John involved in, but that’s not the ‘him’Kyle’s talking about. Sarah clues in and she’s not amused. ‘He’s’probably the last person she wants to call after getting herself shot chasing her not-so-delusional dots. Or any other time she’s in trouble for that matter.


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