Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.17 “Ourselves Alone” Recap

Fly or fall?

Fly or fall?

Sorry so late, Overminders — but honestly, it took me several days just to pick my jaw up off the floor for this one and a few more to reform coherent speech. Well, coherent for me anyway.

This week we ask the question: How deep can the hole around the Connors get before someone notices it? Answer: Pretty damn deep, and guess who’s still digging like there’s no tomorrow? Well, I suppose to a certain extent there IS no tomorrow but you get my drift. In other news, Jesse and Derek plan a date. Which for them means kidnapping and a high likelyhood of violence, you know, the usual couple stuff.

Previously: Cameron got blown up and it flipped her from ‘protect and serve’to ‘hunt and kill’, she flipped back…or has she? Riley and John went to Mexico, the less said the better, but the net was that John gave Cameron orders to leave Riley alone. Riley? Totally in cahoots with the ever enigmatic Jesse, despite her attempts to pull out of the nefarious plot. But Jesse’s not having it, and Riley tries to commit suicide. Well maybe, kinda. Her actual motivations were vague and this episode isn’t going to help any.

We open, sans trippy voiceover, to the Connor abode where Cameron’s watching the bird that had been living in the chimney flit about the living room. Wow, continuity — way to go, show. Now, normally you’d think that a machine would be capable of knowing that only the birds in Disney movies can understand speech, but that’s not stopping Cameron who keeps yakking like she’s Dr. Phil about needing a mate and needing to be free. Finally, the bird tries to fly back to the chimney only to be snatched mid-air by Cameron’s claw. Outside, Cameron holds the bird in the air, intending to let it go when something goes a little wrong and instead of letting the bird fly away, she crushes it. Dropping the bird, she looks at her twitchy fingers with what passes for a look of confusion on her face.


Upstairs, Sarah’s indulging in some housework, which as if often the case I’d imagine, involves scrubbing a bloodstain off the floor. She looks up, and the source of said bloodstain is seen standing in the door way. ‘I was wondering when we’d see you again.’I wasn’t, but then I watch episode previews. Riley has the sense to look chagrined as they exchange…well, they’re not quite pleasantries so let’s call them neutralities, shall we? Riley sees that Sarah’s run out of soap and graciously offers to go downstairs and get some more.

Which she does, but instead of taking it upstairs where it would be useful she just stands in the kitchen until John can make his entrance wondering where she wandered off to, and if his mother was behaving. They talk a bit and as she apologizes for what happened, John tells her to forget it, it’s the past. Not to be forgotten, but to be left there. He’s really very sweet about it and I feel sorry for him already. Because there was no way this was ever going to end. That hole in the ground hasn’t been digging itself, and it’s almost ready.

Back upstairs, Sarah’s rather pathetically waiting for the soap. She hears a sound and then the front door opens and shuts. She walks out into the hallway and sees the can of soap just sitting there — the ones who left it already gone. She picks it up and goes back to cleaning up Riley’s mess. I’m sure it won’t be the last time.


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