Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.18 “Today is the Day” Recap

Elsewhere, Derek’s bandaging Jesse’s fist and giving us a biology lesson. Human mouths have icky germs, don’t hit them. Before the story goes any further than some poor kid’s death, the phone rings. He takes the call (beep-beep) and we see his face fall and harden at the news that Riley’s dead. He goes back and tells Jesse who feigns surprise poorly, but insists that Derek can’t do anything about Cameron. John has to make the decision, John has to kill the metal. ‘You’ve really thought this through.’You think, Derek?

jessescaredFlash-forward. Jesse, Sonar Sammy and the older gentleman I’ll be calling Torpedo Pete arrive on the bridge. A stoic Trip Eight, the aforementioned Queeg, is at the helm, assuring them that the depth charges are meant to spook, not kill. Everyone seems OK with that until Sonar Sammy ID’s the under-water vessels as Kraken — and not the fantasy squid-kind either. Jesse looks down at her display to see the underwater terrors and notices that they’re off-course, way off-course. She’s about to question it when Queeg orders Torpedo Pete to ready some ordinance. He then requests a single active radar ping which will totally give away their location. Everyone’s freaked, but Sonar Sammy obliges and the Kraken fires. Queeg begins to dive, taking them to crush depth, as he orders their torpedo launched. The team catches on and sure enough the torpedoes hit each other, causing an explosion big enough to deceive the Kraken while they race for crush depth. While dismissing the rest of the crew, Jesse leans over Queeg and asks, ‘Why are we 300 miles off course?’

Busted. Sarah’s found the endo-skeletal stash. John tries to cover and Sarah calls BS. She knows he’s making excuses for Cameron, for the endo-bones and for Riley. Convinced that Cameron’s lying, Sarah insists that the Terminatrix is just telling him what he wants to hear, like when she said she destroyed the parts, or what she does at night (“Self Made Man” 2.11), or when she said she loved him (“Samson and Delilah” 2.1 ). That last one hits home, but not the way Sarah wants it to. Pounding his hands on the table, he insists, ‘You don’t know anything.’

Back at the game, John Henry wants to know what herb he’s thinking of, and Ellison is finally FINALLY asking Catherine why the hell she’s not upset about all of this. She calmly reasons that they have a way to get Savannah back and motions to John Henry, so Ellison asks again, some more, where Savannah is. Catherine attempts to calm him down and frustrated, Ellison finally takes a guess, ‘Oregano.’

‘Correct.’Figures. I was rooting for Rosemary.

Catherine politely asks for her clue and John Henry replies, ‘The sun is shining on Savannah.’Ellison radios out to start checking any room with windows.The next round is an animal. Antelope? No. Lion? No. Horse? No. Bird? Yes. And with an added dash of smarm, John Henry tells the pair that the answer is the clue. For a moment, Ellison’s all, ‘What the hell does that even MEAN!?’But he recovers and realizes that he knows exactly where Savannah is. Up on the roof in the sun, sits a whirly-bird helicopter, with a drowsy Savannah snoozing inside. Ellison picks her up and I realize how badly I want little Savannah to end up with Ellison when it’s all over. She is so adorable and he is so broken inside, that…it makes me wibble y’all and that’s not something I do often. He passes her off to Catherine and he watches them walk away.


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