Terra Nova 1.10 “Within” Recap – Shakespearean Bordering on Greek

Terra Nova - WithinTerra Nova continues toward the end of its first season order with tonight’s tenth episode ‘Within,’and with it the Terra Nova mole is revealed while Lucas Taylor finishes his calculations to make the time portal go both ways, and Skye (Allison Miller) faces a difficult decision about what to do with her information as Taylor and Jim close in on her identity.

Taylor and Jim examine the portal terminus that brings people from 2149, oblivious to how the device actually works noting that prior to its existence the time fracture would spit people out in erratic locations. With the 11th pilgrimage due in mere days, Taylor orders Jim to step up his hunt for Terra Nova’s mole. Jim goes through some of the last names on his list, including the actual mole Skye, but the girl claims to have been with his son Josh playing chess at the time in question.

Back at the Shannon household, Maddy’s tablet ‘Plex’device shorts out its promethium core, an increasingly problematic occurance around Terra Nova given scarcity of replacement power supplies. Despondent at her loss of diaries, and materials to study, Maddy learns that her best option may be to trade for a replacement. Outside, Skye runs into Josh to ask him if he’d do the favor of covering for the lie she told Jim, insisting she only lied to cover her illegal borrowing of supplies. Josh reluctantly agrees.

Later, Skye sneaks outside of Terra Nova and makes her way to Relay Station 9, where she retrieves something from a hidden vent, and heads to the Sixers’camp. There she delivers her latest Terra Nova intel report, and visits with her sick mother. The enigmatic Lucas Taylor introduces himself, and asks for a word. He explains that the equations for turning the Terra Nova time portal two-way lie on a memory stick he gives her, but that only ‘The Eye’within the walls of Terra Nova itself can factor and reconcile the complex data in a timely fashion. He adds that if she refuses to take care of his request, he’ll hurl her mother from their treetop hideaway

Terra Nova - WithinBack at the colony Jim and the other soldiers discover Skye’s hidden passage into Terra Nova, and decide to install a security camera nearby. Coming upon his son in the process Jim looks to confirm Skye’s story about her whereabouts, which Josh deceitfully supports, though Jim senses something amiss in the corroboration. When Skye returns to Terra Nova, she slips into The Eye and begins processing the data for Lucas.

Meanwhile, Maddy attempts to trade what little she has for a core, but when the trader refuse Maddy gets him to agree to part with the material in exchange for a new wheel for his chair. After her mission, Skye returns to Lucas’dwelling to deliver the finalized data, which Lucas claims to be successfully. She notices the familiar equations around his hut as having been drawn around Terra Nova, and upon mention of his father Lucas elaborates a bit on his ‘Shakespearean’relationship with Taylor, but insists if she wants to know more ask Taylor about what happened in August 2138.

Jim’s new camera manages to catch Skye returning into Terra Nova, but before alerting Taylor Jim makes sure to confirm the falsehood of Skye’s alibi, grounding Josh for lying in the process. He next takes the revelation to Taylor, who insists he confirm with his own Sixers mole Curran. Rather than alert Skye, Taylor insists he has a better idea of what to do with the information.

The next day, Taylor and Skye play chess when Mark Reynolds arrives to brief Taylor on their upcoming convoy run, for which Taylor is taking point. After Maddy finds mark on his way out and asks for help in locating a wheel, Taylor and Jim watch Skye leave the camp through her drainage pipe, confirming their suspicions that Skye will bring news of the convoy to Mira.

Terra Nova - WithinOut in the jungle, Taylor rides with the convoy as Jim and other soldiers lie in wait nearby, curious why no Sixers have attempted to raid the group yet. When some nearby movement proves to be gentle dinosaurs, Jim comes to believe that Skye isn’t sharing any intel that might hurt the colony, meaning she isn’t spying by choice. At the Sixers’camp, Mira stops Skye to question her about the convoy in question, and reminds her they could deprive her mother of medicine if her intel doesn’t improve.

Back at Terra Nova, Maddy brings the trader the wheel he needs, only to find that he’s already traded the last promethium core to bar owner Boylan. She runs to the bar to trade from him, only to find she has nothing he wants. Once he realizes who her father is however, he declines Maddy’s offer of assisting with bookkeeping and simply gives her the core, hoping she’ll tell her father of his good behavior.

Terra Nova - WithinLucas gets creepily close to Skye as he reveals that he’s solved the equation to make Terra Nova’s time portal go both ways, as Skye explains the origin of her nickname Bucket as her youthful desire to be a soldier saw her placing a bucket on her head. Lucas observes that while some seek to emulate their fathers, he only seeks to destroy his, and warns Skye not to return to Terra Nova given the ravaging army he plans to bring back from 2149. Back at the camp, Taylor and Jim learn that Skye’s been frequenting Relay Station 9, while Skye visits with her mother to express regret for what she’s done. Her mother insists she not spy on Terra Nova anymore regardless of what the Sixers do to her.

Jim and Taylor investigate Skye’s presence at Relay Station 9, only to have the young girl quickly run by herself, and confess her involvement in the whole affair, confirming with Taylor that she’s been in contact with his son Lucas. They send Skye back to the colony as Taylor and Jim rush to meet Lucas at the time portal. A brief stand-off between Taylor, Jim and Lucas occurs, but Lucas insists that Taylor has lost the battle, and steps backward through the portal

Terra Nova - WithinLater at Terra Nova, Josh comforts Skye by assuring her she did the right thing in the situation, when a medical worker arrives to bring Skye to the infirmary, and reveal that Curran brought back her mother, and a sample of her medicine to replicate. Taylor believes Curran earned his second chance in Terra Nova by rescuing Skye’s mother, and that he himself may not deserve a second chance. Apparently Lucas hates him for Taylor failing to save Lucas’mother from unknown circumstance back in August 2138. Taylor and Jim agree to assume that Lucas made it back in time, and they’ll be ready for his return.

The Shannon family debates what will happen to the 11th pilgrimage if indeed Lucas plans to bring an army through, but Taylor delivers a rousing speech to the colony that they’ll defend the new way of life they’ve established here in Terra Nova, no matter the cost.

Did you get your fill of dino-action? What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of Terra Nova on FOX!


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