The Most Terrible Things Legend of Zelda’s Link Has Ever Done

Now that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is so popular, the entire Zelda franchise has new life.  We’re not only analyzing the current game and all the amazing features and secrets it possesses, but now we’re going back in time to past games to find links (no pun intended) to the past.   Nostalgia runs deep and any chance we can make a connection to what’s going on in Zelda today to the original origins is always a fun thing.  But today we take a look at something much darker.  Is The Legend of Zelda’s Link as heroic as we think he is?  Or is there more than meets the eye with this guy?  Turns out he’s actually done quite a bit of evil if you take into account the more than 20 games he’s appeared in.

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Over the course of roughly two dozen games, the hero of Hyrule has fought the evil, pig-faced Ganon, rescued various princesses, and kept the mysterious Triforce out of enemy hands. That’s all well and good… it’s just a shame that Link causes so much trouble along the way. It’s really not okay to break every pot you see, dude. Whether skyward-bound, adrift in time, or steeped in Twilight, the various incarnations of Link have saved Hyrule countless times over the Legend of Zelda series. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the beloved hero hasn’t done his fair share of creepy stuff along the way. What kind of stuff? Well…

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