Terry Crews Reveals How He Stays in Insane Shape

When you look at a guy like Terry Crews it’s pretty easy to know his body doesn’t come from just sitting around and eating cupcakes.    The man is close to 50.  At the age of 48 he’s got one of the best physiques in all of Hollywood.  Crews decided to share with the masses what he does on a daily basis to stay in the kind of shape he’s in and have the kind of body he has.  Hint hint.  This is not for the faint of heart.   This is not for people who think that they can get by waking up at 8am.  This is not for anyone who thinks that 2-3 times a week is going to suffice.   This is for those who are willing to put in the work.

Check out the full video below and also a full transcript so you can always refer to this page.

Here’s the full transcript

The first thing I do every morning is get up, put my gym clothes on, and work out.

I’ve been working out so long that I have a pretty, you know, established regimen. The first thing I do every morning is get up, put my gym clothes on, and work out. No matter what day it is. No matter what’s happening. I have gym clothes right by the bed. So that it’s the first thing I see. And usually I get up around 4:30/5 a.m., usually. Sometimes earlier if I have an early flight or whatever, but it does not get missed. There’s no way I miss my workout. That is a no-no. It just doesn’t happen.

It’s such a habit that if it does — if I felt like it wasn’t gonna happen I would feel like something is wrong with the universe.

Some days it will be an hour to two hours. Usually Monday through Friday are lift days, with Wednesday being a kind of stretch and run and ab day and the whole thing. But I run on the weekends. I run every day. I’m a big big runner. I run almost 4 miles a day. Simply because my brain, the way it works, it needs that kind of energy. I have a lot of energy. I actually need to burn off some. Because if I didn’t get the run in, it just wouldn’t work.

There was a time when I didn’t. It was when I retired from the NFL. You have – there’s a depression that happens because you’re not an athlete anymore. And I spent about a few months not working out. And I gained like 25 pounds and the whole thing. And my mood, my attitude, everything about me was down. Once I got back in the gym, it literally changed.

I never stopped working out again, and it’s been — it’s literally my lifeblood. It’s one of those things where it’s my meditation, it’s my spa time, and I enjoy it.

You really need to try a workout that you like and you will see the difference in your life.


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