“That Guy” Actor of the Day: Richard Jenkins

In case you aren’t aware, a “that guy” actor is someone whose face you always recognize yet you can’t always place their name.  In fact, it’s rare that you’ll ever remember their name.  Today’s “that guy” actor is Richard Jenkins.  I’ve been watching Jenkins since he played the father in Little Nikita, an 80s film that starred River Phoenix and Sidney Poitier.   It’s really in recent years that Jenkins has picked up his profile in Hollywood.

If you don’t remember him from the 80s or 90s then you’re sure to remember him from the movie Step Brothers where he played Dr. Robert Dobak.  And if you don’t remember him from Step Brothers you might remember him as the older bachelor Coakley in Hall Pass.   His body of work extends way beyond this to include theater but for those newer generation people I thought these references would make sense.

Currently he plays Steven Frost on the TV Series Berlin Station.   Jenkins is a versatile actor who does comedy well, and serious well.  I feel like he’s almost the “go-to” 50’s, 60’s actor in comedy movies when they can’t necessarily get a huge star on set.  And this isn’t at all my way of talking down about Jenkins.  I happen to think he’s awesome.

Jenkins is closing in on 70 years young but isn’t showing any signs of slowing down whatsoever.  In honor of Jenkins might I share this lovely clip of him in Step Brothers.


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