The 10 Best Presidential Clips From The Simpsons

Talk to some people and they’d say that featuring an actual president on a show, live or animated, would be a bad idea. Talk to others and they’d say ‘why not?’. In truth the Simpsons are so beyond reproach in so many ways that featuring the actual presidents on the show is something that’s expected rather than feared considering that taking an actual person from real life and putting them into a fictional setting is something that seems to be the height of comedy, drama, or anything else that happens to be needed. Of course those in charge are going to have to be careful about how they handle it, but at the same time they can take some artistic license and have fun with it. After all, it’s a cartoon, a form of expression, and it’s not meant to hurt anyone or damage their reputation. Quite honestly if anyone gets offended about being made into a cartoon then they might need to check their priorities and reassess their lives a bit.

Here are some of the best presidential clips from The Simpsons.

10. President Ford

The meeting with former president Ford came on the heels of another presidential moment and was something that a lot of people knew would probably end up the same way as the credits started to roll. Homer is definitely one of those individuals that should stay out of politics it would seem since not only is he kind of a dullard, but he’s a dullard that doesn’t know when to just stay quiet and let things roll the way they are.

9. Former presidents

This almost seems to sum up the act that we see on the news every now and then since it gets about as much done as we see in real life. But in truth it’s simply funny to take personalities that many people either like or dislike and put them in situations that are classic in a very well-respected manner. v

8. Homer vs. George Bush

It’s not hard to see how someone like Homer and someone that’s so completely straight-laced like former president Bush wouldn’t get along all that well. Their personalities are simply too different and in many ways it does seem as though they’d be at odds even on a good day.

7. President Lisa

Quite honestly this seems like it’d be a good thing and a bad thing all at once since Lisa is a pretty fair-minded individual, but at the same time she’s highly idealistic and doesn’t always want to see every side of an argument since she tends to believe that she has the answers. But as a president it doesn’t seem as though she’d be that bad since she does tend to want to discuss things rather than just act on impulse.

6. Mueller meets Trump

This one might have actually stung the pride of a few viewers since the whole Mueller thing has been kind of a thorn in the side of a lot of Trump supporters. But all in all the act of making fun of it is supposed to take the sting out just a bit and have fun with it so as to relieve the tension. You can imagine that some people didn’t think it was too funny, but then again there is an OFF button to the TV, and it’s always possible to change channels.

5. The Presidential Candidates are Aliens

It actually seems as though some people might want to hope that this was the case when Trump got elected so there would be a reason and someone to really blame for the fallout that would come after. But in terms of the Simpsons this was just another bit of fun.

4. Trump on the escalator

This one is just eerie since the Simpsons seemed to have predicted the whole idea of Trump becoming president in the first place. Some people, well, a lot of people really, laughed openly at this and said it would never happen. How silly do those folks still feel? People might not like it, in fact most people still hate it and want to see him impeached, but the fact is that even if it was a guess the show called this one.

3. Homer for President

And people think Trump is bad right? Homer for president is something that would no doubt bankrupt the US and create worldwide problems all over the place right up until the moment he was impeached or assassinated, either way. There is something to remember, that the crayon discovered to be stuck in his brain a long time back could be the reason why he’s still a moron, but even a Homer with a brain seems like it might be a disaster.

2. President’s Day

A lot of us have either been in school play as a US president or have seen our kids do this, and can admit that it’s kind of awful in a way but still kind of cute as well. All in all though it’s just kind of, well, it’s something you have to sit through and just grin and bear it.

1. Bart learns from Theodore Roosevelt

Anytime you hear “Bart learns” seems like a dicey prospect largely because it could swing either way. But when he actually does learn something that might be useful it’s still like jumping on a landmine and hoping for the best.

The Simpsons and the US presidents tend to mix pretty well.

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