The 10 Best WWE In Your House Matches Of All Time

WWE’s In Your House PPV series ran from 1995-1999, which brought lower-priced PPVs to fans to bridge the gap between larger events such as WrestleMania. In total there were 27 events before the name was discontinued. Here are the top 10 best In Your House matches of all time.

10. The Rock vs Ken Shamrock vs Mankind (Steel Cage Match) – Breakdown: In Your House

Late-1998 saw the rise of The Rock as he became WWF Champion at Survivor Series. But, before that, he took part in a classic Steel Cage match against Ken Shamrock and Mankind, with the winner becoming the number 1 content for the WWF Championship. The Rock was about to become a mega-star and this is a great match to go back and watch and see how it all began.

9. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie, and Owen Hart vs Triple H, New Age Outlaws, and Savio Vega – No Way Out Of Texas: In Your House

Taking place just one month before WrestleMania 14, D-Generation X took on the wrestlers they were set to face at WrestleMania in an 8-man tag team match, with the exception of Shawn Michaels. HBK was originally scheduled to take part but injured his back during a match with The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble, which caused WWE to remove him from competing until his final match for 4 years against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Instead, he was replaced by Savio Vega, one of Austin’s earlier rivals in the WWE.

8. Bret Hart vs Diesel (WWE Championship Match) – In Your House 6: Rage In A Cage

Bret Hart can have a great match with anyone, and this match is no exception. Taking place just one month before WrestleMania XII, the match helped set up The Undertaker vs Diesel after ‘Taker broke through the ring and dragged Diesel under the ring, presumably to the depths of hell.

7. The Undertaker vs Kane (Inferno Match) – Unforgiven: In Your House

Taking place one month after the brothers finally faced each other at WrestleMania 14, they met once again in the first-ever Inferno Match, which sees the ring surrounded by fire with the match only ending after one Superstar is set on fire, the Attitude Era was crazy.

6. The Undertaker vs Mankind (Buried Alive Match) – In Your House 11: Buried Alive

When Mankind was brought in the WWE his main purpose was to feud with The Undertaker, which he spent most of 1996 doing. One of the highlights of this feud is the Buried Alive Match, with the aim being to bury your opponent in a mound of dirt.

5. The Rock vs Triple H (Intercontinental Championship) – Fully Loaded: In Your House

While their Summerslam 1998 match is perhaps their best-known match from this time period, The Rock vs Triple H at Fully Loaded is still a great match to watch. The match was scheduled to be a Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls match but ended in a time limit draw at 1 win each, setting up their classic Summerslam ladder match.

4. Shawn Michaels vs Diesel (WWE Championship Match) – In Your House 7:  Good Friends, Better Enemies

Perhaps the best match of Diesel’s career in the WWF, the two best friends faced each other in Diesel’s final televised match before defecting to WCW with Razor Ramon, going on to form the NWO with Hulk Hogan, which became one of the hottest storylines of all time and resulted in WCW beating the WWF in the ratings for 83 weeks in a row.

3. Shawn Michaels vs Mankind (WWE Championship Match) – In Your House 10: Mind Games

After years of wrestling in WCW, ECW, and in Japan where he became King Of The Deathmatch, Mick Foley finally debuted in the WWE the day after WrestleMania XII. At In Your House 10: Mind Games, Mankind faced Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship in a match that doesn’t sound like it’d work on paper, but turned out to be one of the best matches of both Superstars careers.

2. The Hart Foundation vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust, and The Legion Of Doom – In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede

Canadian Stampede took place in The Hart Foundation’s hometown of Calgary, which created a weird dynamic of the Heel team being cheered. It was always fun to see The Hart Foundation booed or cheered depending on which country they were competing in. The match was a classic too, and one of the best matches anyone will ever see. It also ended in a feel-good moment of The Hart Foundation celebrating with their family in the ring, including future WWE Superstars Natalya and Tyson Kidd.

1. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker (Hell In A Cell Match) – Badd Blood: In Your House

Shawn Michaels took on The Undertaker in the first-ever Hell In A Cell match at Badd Blood: In Your House. While the match served the main purpose of debuting The Undertaker’s kayfabe brother Kane, the two Superstars put on one of the best WWE matches of all time. A 30-minute classic match with HBK playing defence for a large portion of the match as he tried to escape The Phenom by any means necessary.

HBK went on to win the match due to the interference by Kane, going on to face Bret Hart at Survivor Series for the WWF Championship, which ended in the controversial Montreal Screwjob.

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker Hell In A Cell Badd Blood 1997

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