The Animaniacs Jurassic Park Spoof to Mark Their Return

If it’s a Warner Bros. property then it’s going to be fair game for the Animaniacs since this Jurassic Park spoof is just one of the bits that the Animaniacs will likely be showing upon their return since they’ve been known to adopt a great number of ideas since their creation. As one of the crazier cartoons to ever be created, this show is still one of the least disturbing and most fun since Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are definitely nuts, but they’re over the top in a way that allows kids to enjoy them without needing to ask their parents about what’s really going on every other second. They do incorporate a bit of adult humor now and again, but it’s usually in such a way that it fits within the comedy they’re delivering and isn’t so offensive that people might be calling for the show to be canceled. Or maybe they will, who knows. But the point is that the Animaniacs are a fun and very family-friendly bunch most of the time since a lot of the content was definitely taken from shows and movies that were disturbing in a way, but has been dialed down while keeping the fun aspect of it dialed up. It’s very likely that this show will be updated in a few ways, possibly to keep some of the content from the 90s from being seen, but if it really digs in too much by taking out material that helped make the show funny in the first place it’s likely that it won’t be the same and possibly will be noticed by longtime fans.

This is only worth mentioning since the fact is that it doesn’t take much to offend people these days, and cartoons aren’t exempt when it comes to cancel culture since there are people out there that make the decision to be offended by this or that when it comes to various programs. It’s kind of silly and juvenile to be certain, but it’s also a reality that people have been taking note of lately since there have been a few public outcries about a few shows in the past couple of years that haven’t made a lot of sense. It’s happened with movies, TV shows, and various other parts of entertainment, and animated series aren’t being ignored since the Looney Tunes apparently had to undergo a few changes before being released again. With everything that’s gone on through the last decade, it’s not hard figuring out why it’s been happening, but it still makes little to no sense considering that blaming fiction for the acts of others still isn’t a valid argument as many people might agree.

Things have to change as time goes on, that’s a given, especially since the same programs that people want to revive from the past need to be updated and in some cases given a facelift to make certain that they’ll be just as impressive to the current generation as they were to those that watched them when they were kids. The Animaniacs were wild and hilarious when they first came out, and the rest of the characters that were created and rolled out every episode or so were just as funny since if a person was paying attention and had seen the pop culture references that were being used they would know just what they were looking at. The Goodfeathers were one of the most obvious of the bunch since they took off of both Goodfellas and The Godfather since they featured a big fat pigeon known as the God-pigeon, who mumbled to the point that only one of the Goodfeathers could understand him. Pinky and the Brain were another great part of the show, and the hippos, and Mindy and Buttons, and Slappy the Squirrel, and any and every guest that was placed on the show. The clown episode was one of my personal favorites since it has Wakko absolutely demolishing a poor clown that was hired for his birthday, and while it is a lot of cartoon violence in one episode there is a reason for it, Wakko is scared of clowns, and for any that have this same fear, this episode would be great in a big way.

If Jurassic Park is going to feature in this show as it would appear it would be great since the hilarity would be off the charts since if the three siblings can incorporate pretty much anything else, imagine what they’ll do with an island full of dinosaurs. At one point the hybrid creatures might actually try to abandon the island just to get away from the crazy trio. Plus, imagine what Pinky and the Brain might do with the island, as Brain might actually try to dominate the dinosaurs and turn them into his minions. There are a lot of possibilities, and they’re all funny.

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