The Arrangement Review: Megan Is Betrayed

The Arrangement

When Kyle and Megan first met on The Arrangement, it seemed a little silly that their relationship would have genuine ground to stand on. Fast forward a few months, and they can only trust each other. Recently Kyle felt the sting of betrayal from his best friend, and unfortunately, it’s Megan’s turn to feel that hurt. It’s a terrible feeling to not feel that you can depend on the people you’ve trusted for years. Kyle and Megan trust each other, but is there any way they can trust anyone else again?

In light of Kyle home being ransacked, he installs a whole new security system. However, he’s more reluctant to commit to a firearm. He’s already on edge because of his rift with Terence and work. He doesn’t need to accidentally shoot someone if he has a nightmare. The only person in the world he trusts is Megan, so he asks her to move in. He won’t have a gun so long as she is in the house, but he will install his own closed security camera inside the house so he will know if someone enters.

The only person who isn’t worried about any of it is Terence. DeAnn is freaking out about why her husband isn’t freaking out, and that’s on top of having to tell Kyle he has lost his dream directing job. Losing Kyle’s trust is a wake-up call to both DeAnn and Terence, not just about Kyle. Somewhere along the way Kyle became the glue that held them together. They have to take a step back to check in with their marriage. I’m not sure if either one of them believes their marriage doesn’t revolve around the Institute and Kyle.

Terence has rediscovered…something. Let’s just call it his roots. He isn’t as interested in micromanaging Kyle anymore, instead trusting that Kyle will come back on his own (though I’m doubtful). Terence sets his mind back on reestablishing the Institute’s purpose. To that end he hires Megan’s friend Shawn as his council on a new Initiative the Institute wants to build for connecting children to Higher Mind’s beliefs. Shawn is more entrenched in the Institute than Megan, and in defense of Terence she reveals a terrible secret to Megan. Megan is kinder than I would have been if my best friend publicly humiliated me and tried to say it was for my own good. Hope deserved to be kicked to the curb and much worse for leaking those photos of Megan.

Kyle has to take care of things so that Megan can focus on a difficult work day, more difficult than she knows. She gets the chance to work with her childhood idol Charlotte Banks on scripted television, but it turns into a nightmare. Charlotte makes last minute changes to the script each day, then blames it on the showrunner to give Megan an ally. Megan has no allies, except Kyle. Whatever decisions they make for their future should be made and executed together. Though DeAnn just wants to get back in Kyle’s good graces, she’s not wrong about Annika’s script. She changes the name on the script and hand delivers it to Megan, who genuinely thinks it could be a great opportunity. Kyle making his directorial debut on an extraordinary independent film where Megan is the star would make a strong statement to the world as to the caliber of their talent.

Kyle and Megan seem to be on solid ground amidst the chaos. Will it last?

The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 8 Review: "Betrayal"


It’s Megan’s turn to feel the sting of betrayal on this week’s episode of the Arrangement.

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