The Bachelor’s Olivia Caridi’s Toes Are Revealed On Twitter

If you’re watching tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, you got a glimpse into how the ladies will do anything to verbally bring down another contestant. It’s not the first time it’s happened in the history of The Bachelor, and it certainly won’t be the last.

While Olivia Caridi was able to pull Bachelor Ben away for some alone time, her toes and alleged bad breath quickly became a hot topic. Olivia was made aware that her competition was talking smack, but not before making a guess of her own as to what they were talking about. Was it cankles? Nope! It’s was her toes.

Olivia wasn’t the least bit surprised and agreed that yes, she has ugly toes. However, we never got to see them and now Olivia’s toes are a major cliffhanger. We scoured the Internet for a picture of her toes, and it looks like she’s done an amazing job keeping out of the public eye.

Then it happened. Olivia took ownership of it and posted a picture of her toes on Twitter…

I’ll give her an A for effort and having a great sense of humor. But, let’s be honest, the Internet never sleeps and it’s going to keep buzzing about her toes until an actual picture is found. Given the cattiness of The Bachelor, I’m not expecting these toes to be anything that out of the ordinary though.

Later on in tonight’s episode, while Ben was looking to be comforted after finding out that he lost two family friends in a plane crash, Olivia comforted him the only way she knows how. She broke down and explained that she doesn’t like her body from the waist down, and people have written blogs about her having cankles. Needless to say, this wasn’t the comfort that Ben was looking for.

What do you think? Will this be the last we hear of Olivia’s toes and cankles?

By the way have you check out these hilarious “Will You Accept This Rose” shirts? Of course there’s one for him and one for her.

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