The Batman Production Halts Due to Robert Pattinson’s Positive Coronavirus Test

Just when you thought everything was back on track, filming for The Batman has been halted again as the star, Robert Pattinson, has been reported to have tested positive for the coronavirus. So what does that mean? Well, it all depends on how long it takes for Pattinson to isolate and for the threat to reach a level that makes it possible for him to return to work. At the moment it feels as though this movie, along with many others, is going to remain perpetually stalled since not much can be done when the star of the movie is sidelined. Many are no doubt going to roll their eyes and groan over the idea that the coronavirus has such a high survival rate, but the fact is that those that are over a certain age are still highly susceptible to the virus and are being kept as safe as possible by keeping anyone that’s known to be infected at a distance as much as possible. If anything though, the virus appears to take and magnify existing health conditions since the rumors and gossip that have gone out about the virus since March have varied in detail when talking about how it affects people. Those with pre-existing health conditions appear to be the most affected, and those that of a certain age or have immune deficiencies that don’t allow them to simply fight off the virus are often those that are hit the hardest. But it’s not everyone that manages to be laid low by the virus in the same manner.

After so many months it’s not difficult to believe that the pandemic is real, but the overall reaction to it has been hard to stomach since throughout human history there have been many deadly diseases that have affected people, and somehow they’ve weathered through, and life has gone on, no matter what needed to be done. In this day and age paranoia and fear are so prevalent that the economy has almost shut down in many ways, though a lot of people would point out that a lot of us are still here, that those of us that have been exposed, those that have fought through it, and those that haven’t been exposed, a low number to be certain, is still around and kicking. The number of deaths related directly to COVID-19 is hard to imagine when it’s already been explained that COVID-19 exacerbates previous health conditions, meaning that the current death rate is hard to fully believe since so many are said to have died from the coronavirus, while the MSM (mainstream media) doesn’t always bother to tell people that there are many deaths that had underlying causes that were worsened by COVID-19, but were still the ultimate cause of death. COVID-19 on its own doesn’t appear to kill that many people, though it’s been seen as a serious enough threat to shut down most of Hollywood, and a good part of the world.

The sad part about this is that while the pandemic is real and the virus is equally real, people are allowing fear to rule them in a big way since to be fair, it is pretty scary and it’s very easy to follow along when people are seen to react in a manner that reminds a person of frightened sheep that flock away from danger anytime someone sneezes in the wrong direction. On a film set, it’s just as important as anywhere else to be safe since people are in close proximity to one another and are more or less bound to share the same germs at one point or another. There are also those on many film sets that are above the age of 50 to 60 and are therefore advised to be careful when it comes to the virus. For someone Pattinson’s age, the virus is not thought to be fatal, but it’s thought to be best to isolate until the danger has passed. Until then though the movie is going to continue to be stalled and it’s likely that we’ll be seeing it even later in 2021 at this point if it still happens. One has to wonder when the idea of going to streaming is going to start looking like a better idea to people since at this point it’s about the only way a lot of movies are being seen, other than in theaters that have decided to open and drive-in theaters that are built for social distancing.

With Robert Pattinson and even Dwayne Johnson contracting the virus, it’s clear, as it should have been by now, that anyone and everyone can get it. Tom Hanks and his wife were among the first notable celebrities that were reported with the virus, and people went nuts. Now it’s simply a wonder as to when The Batman is going to come out. Has it been normalized? Not really. Are people becoming desensitized to it? Little by little, maybe.

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