The Batman Trailer Boosts Nirvana’s “Something in the Way”

It’s kind of an odd song to use for a Batman movie since the dark time in Kurt Cobain’s life that saw this song come to life doesn’t really correlate with the life of a crimefighting-obsessed Bruce Wayne, who has unlimited resources at his disposal and a desperate need to throw himself into a profession that could get him killed. But the song has still risen in the charts thanks to its inclusion in the latest trailer that The Batman has shown the world. Hearing that the trailer has been viewed around 15 million times already isn’t surprising, and it’s not surprising that the song has been altered to fit the trailer a little better since the original piece is pretty quiet and tame when one looks at it, but no less classic. One has to wonder just how many other songs are going to be adapted to The Batman before the soundtrack is finished, but it is nice to hear something from the 90s being brought back in this manner. Hopefully, this is the only Nirvana song that will be included in the soundtrack since the band’s sound just doesn’t fit quite as well with the Batman story as some might think. But who knows, maybe someone will find another song that might work if they can tweak it just a bit.

If anyone remembers, Something In the Way was used in Jarhead as well, the initial movie with Jake Gyllenhaal that depicted the life of a young man that had joined the Marines and found that he might have made a mistake as he went on to become a scout sniper. After a long stay in the desert, he and his regiment were allowed to visit the rear to relax for a bit, and during a dream sequence, he woke to use the restroom. The song was playing as he tried to cool himself off only to look up and see the image of the girlfriend he’d left behind, the same one that he felt was cheating on him. The song kept playing as he started to vomit sand endlessly into the sink basin, and cut off as he woke up. That’s kind of the feeling of this song though, the utter hopelessness that’s felt since something appears to be in the way of what a person wants and it’s hard to sort out just what it is or what to do about it. For one reason or another, it really fits into that one scene in Jarhead since the gentle notes kind of underscored the feelings that Jake’s character was experiencing. But in The Batman, it somehow works since it acts as a background that is able to still set the tone and mood of the trailer and make it clear that this isn’t the same type of Batman movie that people might have expected. Unlike the past Batman movies, this is undeniably dark without any chance of really seeing the light, making it almost feel as though Tim Burton might have written the script. Matt Reeves has already admitted that he wanted a darker feeling to his Batman, and he’s definitely succeeded at this point.

What Pattinson’s Batman is going to be like is still up for debate since right now he looks like a workaholic that is feeling the stress of a high-stress occupation, but until it’s made evident just how his transition from young millionaire to vigilante happens it’s likely going to feel as though he’s in the business to work out a good number of his issues since the beatdown that’s featured in the trailer makes it evident that he’s not going to be the type of hero that goes easy on the villains. Some might want to argue that Batman has never gone easy on the villains, but the manner in which Batman takes down the villain that approaches him in the trailer makes it easy to think that he’s going to be far more aggressive than Batfleck and make even Keaton look like a sparring partner instead of a true vigilante. Throughout the years each Batman actor has brought his own style to the role and as it’s been seen, some methods work and some don’t. People were actually up in arms when Batman was seen to pick up and use guns when Batfleck came to town, but one has to wonder just how far that ‘no guns’ policy was going to be taken when it’s been seen in the past that Batman has almost always used something that resembles a gun, even if it was used for a very different purpose.

It’s going to be intriguing to see the full soundtrack to The Batman when it comes out, but as of now, just hearing a Nirvana song being used is enough to elicit a smile from a lot of people.

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