The Best Bold and the Beautiful Couples of 2018

The Bold and the Beautiful fans love a good love story, and 2018 has been filled with love stories. Not all of them have been good, and not all of them have been bad. However, there’s been some big time relationship changes this year. Some have worked out, some have not, and some are just as surprising to us as they are to you. As the year comes to a quick close – didn’t it just start – this week, we have to point out that we have some favorites. We’ve been bringing you a few over the course of the past month, but we have not yet brought to you our favorite couples of 2018. They are the best of the best, the ones we thought would never happen, or that might never make it, or that didn’t make any sense, and we love them. Here they are.

Wyatt and Sally

Just when we thought that we might be able to get on board with a long-term situation with Wyatt and Katie, everything changed. They seemed to be a good couple with one another because they are so much alike. They both have a sibling who takes whatever they see is their own, and they live with that. They both constantly lose out to their sibling, whether it’s in life, love, or even their own marriages, and they both share partners all the time – only to lose them to their siblings. They are the underdog, the least favorite, the least dramatic, and the least needy in their own families, and that seemed to work for them. But, it didn’t work for them. We were a little sad when it did not work for them, but we ended up loving it in every way, shape, and form. They ended up being so good for one another for only a minute, because when Sally Spectra came back to town, she killed it. She is everything that Wyatt has ever needed, and their love story is our favorite of all time. They are the best of the best, and we cannot get over that in any way.

Steffy and Her Baby

So, it might not be a traditional love story in that she met a man, married him, and they lived happily ever after, but it is good stuff. She found a man, she got pregnant, had a baby, and things didn’t work out. And then when she was left to sit back and wait for her own husband to choose whether he wanted to be with her or the woman he almost married when their divorce was final and the baby they created and she was newly pregnant with, she wasn’t happy. She ended up making the best decision of the year, and that decision was to be with herself. She wasn’t trying to be a second choice or to sit back and be yet another option for him – again. She made the decision to let him go and choose herself and their daughter, and it was the best moment of the year. She made us all wish we were that girl, and she rocked it out from start to finish.

Katie and Thorne

We did not love it at first, but they did grow on us. They ended up married, and he’s been trying to take her into a place of happiness that will work for her, but they didn’t have the best start. For one, he came into the picture to try and take Brooke from his brother, Ridge, which was not a great star to things. Katie is someone we feel needs someone who never wanted nor will ever want to be with her sister in any way, shape or form, and that is not always something that works out well for her. But that wasn’t the problem here. The problem was that we thought they jumped into things too quickly and without too much effort, and that didn’t work out for them. But it ended up working out for them, and we actually like them as a couple. They might have their own issues, but they are good with one another and that does work for us in some way.

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