The Best Britney Ever After Viewer Reactions on the Internet

Not that this is a surprise, but most people weren’t exactly satisfied with the Lifetime original movie Britney Ever After last night.   The movie was supposed to take us behind the scenes and into the rise, fall, and rise again of pop star Britney Spears.  Given that it was a Lifetime movie it was already safe to assume that the movie would be over the top.  That much it was but it was so much more.

Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to remark on some of their reactions to the “film.” One collective feeling was the sentiment that whatever “accent” was trying to be used in the movie was done extremely poorly.  Also there seemed to be an overwhelmingly large amount of “I can’t” statements.

I only have one question.  Why’d you leave the movie on?  It was a Saturday night and there must have been something else on TV.  Actually there really wasn’t last night.  The only other thing on was the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and Three Point Contest which, and correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t exactly target the same demographic.

Anyway, we decided to grab some of the best reactions from the failed biopic and there are definitely a few gems in here. Even celebrities got in on it.


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