The Best Kelsea Ballerini Songs of Her Career

Kelsea Ballerini is another country pop singer that’s been pushing the genre a little further along with a few others that have really made a go of it in the last several years. Some folks have to pick up and move to Tennessee to find their way to Nashville, but Kelsea was born and raised in the state and didn’t have as far to go when she was ready to make a try for her own run at the big time. So far she’s done fairly well as she’s collected several awards and been nominated for many more. Her track record kind of speaks for itself at this time as she’s possibly up for another Grammy nomination if not a win. Right now she’s doing what she can to be one of the best in the business and maintain that position while she continues to dazzle the fans as much as possible and make them believe in what she’s selling. Here are our picks for the top 5 songs of her career.

Here are a few of her best songs so far from her career.

5. Kelsea Ballerini – Love Me Like You Mean It

She hasn’t been in the business all that long but it doesn’t seem to take much time to amass a following and a stable career if someone is that good. A lot of people come from all around to try and make their way into stardom but thousands tend to never get this far. Out of those many upon many people that make their way to the front of the line only a handful will ever get there, and even then only a select few will become the kind of stars that everyone wants to be. There’s no real trick to it, people have to be willing to give everything they have and then more to make it in show business if they want their turn in the spotlight.

4. Kelsea Ballerini – Yeah Boy

It’d be kind of interesting to know what the old-timers of country music think of country pop since it’s a new breed of animal compared to the old country western songs that a lot of us likely grew up with or around. The nature of the music is something that you can’t help but think is a sign of times to come as the fusion of pop and country didn’t even sound like a possibility back in the day. But as of now so many different genres of music are being blended together that trying to keep them apart any longer is kind of an act in futility. There’s nothing wrong with blending music, it’d just be interesting to see what kind of reaction it would garner in those that came before.

3. Kelsea Ballerini – Legends

It seems like some of the most famous stars are those that start performing at a very young age and take interest in the music at an even younger age. This seems to deliver the idea that some people are just hardwired to seek out fame or perhaps just born to appreciate the kind of things that pass a lot of us by as we try to get through life doing whatever we can. Ever think of that? Folks like Kelsea seem drawn to this kind of life from a young age and spend a lifetime or less developing the kind of skills and talent they’ll need to make it a reality. You can’t ever say they don’t work for it, but a lot of people that make it this far seemed to have started very young in life.

2. Kelsea Ballerini – XO

Another interesting thing to note is that a lot of stars have either sung in a choir or were in garage bands when they first started out. Admittedly it’s a great idea to start singing before you actually get up on the stage and see what you can do, but there are a number of people that just enjoy singing in the shower and have great voices but never use them because they figure that singing is fun, it’s not a job. Don’t ever tell that to the celebrities that make a dang good living off of their voices, as they might laugh at you in a good-natured manner. But seriously, a lot of musicians start out very slowly and work their way up.

1. Kelsea Ballerini – Peter Pan

This is probably one of the only shows she’s been on that’s not a talk show or an awards show, but given that she’s been in the industry for less than five years, slightly less, it’s reasonable to think that she might start popping up in more shows here and there as her career goes on. Some people come in with a bunch of flash and a large presence and fade out quickly, but those that make their way gradually forward and take the leaps and bounds when they can tend to be those that last the longest.

She’s got a bright future to grab hold of, let’s hope she sticks around.

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