The Best Loverboy Songs of All-Time

Loverboy is one of the many bands that people get nostalgic about when they think of their youth and the music they used to listen to. Back in the day however they weren’t the biggest name in the industry but they were one that toured with and performed alongside some of the biggest names. Their name in fact came from a dream that one of the members had at one time and it just kind of stuck. But despite the veracity of their name and their music their success wasn’t assured at first since no major labels wanted to sign them. When they managed to get signed by Columbia however their star began to rise and eventually they were performing upwards of 200 shows a year which seems like a rater insane schedule to be honest. But given their amount of fame back in their day it seems that their legendary status has definitely been earned.

Here are some of the best songs from their career.

5. Lovin’ Every Minute of It

You can still hear this song being played now and again in popular media since it’s a strong and very forceful track that a lot of folks really identify with in some way. One great thing you can say about these older songs is that some of them really went in for effect and knew how to put the punch in the song when it was really needed. While songs that are written today have a lot of edge and a great deal of feeling behind them, there was some quality to the songs of this era that had a quality that you couldn’t escape and didn’t want to. Loverboy was one of those that grabbed hold of that feeling and played it for all that it was worth.

4. Heaven In Your Eyes

Any band worth their instruments needed to have something more than just the punch though when it came to their music. If you could rock hard then it was important that you could rock soft as well. People loved it when bands that could provoke a reaction wanted to know that they could also hit them in the feels as well. It might have punched a bit eventually but songs like this still had the crooning quality to it that let the audience know that their favorite bands could go soft and be just as effective. Bands today are capable of doing the same thing, but back in this era it was important to cater to those that wanted something extra.

3. When It’s Over

There was an omnipresent quality in a lot of music that came out in the 80s, and it could have just been the recording equipment that made it sound this way, but a lot of tracks from different musicians came out sounding the same way no matter what they were singing. Of course a lot of it has to do with the era and what was at their disposal. It’s also due to the manner in which they wanted to shoot the video, as location and many other factors can affect the sound as well. But overall the 80s songs seemed to have that very present effect that’s hard to name or place but is there in a lot of songs.

2. Turn Me Loose

This is another of Loverboy’s songs that you can hear in a lot of different films and TV shows since it’s been seen as one of the quintessential 80s songs that so many people loved back in the day and still do. The video for it is a little crazy but it’s also highly amusing since it kind of sets the groundwork for the whole thing and gives you a few visuals that leave you scratching your head as you start listening to the music. Plus, when you see their outfits, the instruments, and just the manner in which they move you know without a doubt that it’s 80s, which is a good thing and kind of an amusing thing since a lot of us recall that the 80s went over the top in a big way sometimes, but often in a manner that was appreciated back then, and is being appreciated for the sake of nostalgia once again.

1. Working for the Weekend

This is no doubt the song that a lot of people know fairly well and have heard more than a few times in their lives by now if they were born in the 70s or later since it’s one of the few that Loverboy has that’s really been pushed again and again. From films to TV to just anyone singing it as they bop down the street this song has seen a lot of play since it was released, and in all honesty it’s got to be one of their best if not THE best.

Some of the old bands are still around for a reason after all.

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