The Best Luke Combs Songs of His Career

The music industry is currently bringing up a lot of individuals to fame and fortune and Luke Combs is just one of many that has been fortunate enough to see his hard work and effort pay off. He did attend college but in his last year decided to drop out as a lot of folks have done in order to further his career and follow his dream by heading to Nashville. A lot of folks might have counseled to stay the course and keep on with his college education but it seems as though a lot of those that follow this same course fall on one end of the spectrum or another, meaning that some make their way towards a career but never manage to make anything out of it, while others like Luke manage to create a reputation that gives them the keys to the kingdom so to speak and helps them to gain a place within the industry.

Here are 5 of the best songs from his career so far.

5. She Got the Best of Me

Luke is still relatively new to the industry as his career took off in 2014. He’s been a vocalist for quite some time now but his move to Nashville was his big break and the reason why he’s been so prominent at this time. It would seem that a lot of people that feel the need to make a move towards a musical career either quit school or don’t bother to even finish high school at times. With so many different ways to go back and finish that education however it’s not a big concern since if a person strikes up a successful career the money no longer becomes that much of an issue. Plus, some educational paths don’t really have a lot to do with a career in music.

4. One Number Away

One thing that most people would stress and that a lot of performers even go so far as to admit is that it always pays to have a backup plan in place just in case things don’t go the way you want. Whether Luke has one of those or ever did is unknown but it’s a wise move since being in the industry and even trying to make it isn’t as sure a thing as some people would like to believe. By having something else to fall back on thanks to an education it becomes safer for many of those that attempt to break into the music industry or any other performing art since the competition is more than fierce.

3. Hurricane

To date it doesn’t look like Luke’s songs have been featured in any movies or TV shows but considering that he got his start in 2014 it could just be a matter of time before something like that happens. A lot of shows and films make good use of songs they deem as worth of a moment or two and will go far and wide to find the right songs. It could also be that Luke’s fanbase is still building itself up, which means that once he really gets going and has become a truly big sensation like some of the big boys then one will be able to hear his music in a film or in a prominent TV show.

2. When It Rains It Pours

This song is kind of funny really since it implies that Luke is better off for his fiance leaving him since good things start to happen the moment she’s gone and his life just keeps getting better with each passing day. Of course he meets another woman and doesn’t seem to realize that the more serious he gets with another woman the same thing might happen. Hey, it’s a three-week redneck roll as he describes it and things just keep getting better since his fiance left, so what does he care? It’s pretty funny to be honest and all the while you get the feeling that the laughter’s going to come full circle.

1. Beautiful Crazy

Country has changed quite a bit in the last few decades since quite honestly the days of the cowboy aren’t over but they’ve certainly been taken over by the new era of country songs that aren’t always what we imagine they’ll be. Luke is obviously in a generation that’s going to revolutionize the genre yet again and create something that those born into this era are going to enjoy. All the rest of us can do at this point is sit back and listen since the era we knew is gone, and the one that’s being unfurled at this point isn’t all bad or all good, it’s just as diverse as it’s always been, but in a much bigger way.

He’s got some talent to him and obviously loves what he’s doing.

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