The Best Uses of Al Green Songs in Movies or TV

At one point and time music was a very serious thing that could get a person in a lot of trouble if they listened to the wrong thing according to someone else, or performed the wrong kind of music according those that had a beef against it. Al Green was actually kicked out of his family home when he was in his teens for listening to certain type of music. Thankfully he went on to have a successful career some time later and was quite popular for a while. Apparently though his career hit kind of a low point when a woman that wanted him to marry her, despite already being married, assaulted him and then committed suicide shortly after. Following this he turned back to Christianity and began to take his life a lot more seriously as he started singing gospel and even became a pastor at one point.

Here are some of his songs as seen in TV and films.

5. Lip Sync Battle – Let’s Stay Together

One of the great things about this show is that it’s not just film and TV celebrities that you see come on, it’s everyone and anyone that could possibly be dubbed a celebrity, which means pro athletes as well. They’re just as welcomed on the show since they can get into it too, though some manage to go without the choreography and the backup dancers as they seem to want to just focus on the song itself. That might seem a bit boring to some folks but the showmanship is just another part of the show that some folks get into and some don’t. In some ways it might distract from the song but in others it does liven it up a bit.

4. Suits – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

Suits is the kind of show you watch if you really want to see something akin to a law show mixed in with a soap opera in a way. It’s not a negative description but it is something that kind of requires a desire to watch such a thing since it’s not for everyone. While the dialogue and the characters are meant to be snappy and on edge a lot there’s something more personal about the show that kind of takes it away from the edgy and cutthroat business mien that it’s supposed to have on a regular basis. That being said it’s also a vision of the big city life and attitude that is sometimes a little overblown to work the drama that much more.

3. The Nice Guys – Love and Happiness

You might get the feeling that these two guys just don’t work well together, and you’d be right. One of them is kind of a pain in the butt, and the other is kind of hopeless. The fun part is that you get to figure out which is which since the movie is pretty clear but the roles might switch now and again throughout its duration. The one thing that’s obvious is that this film is supposed to be humorous and not take itself too seriously since Gosling and Crowe are a couple of guys that don’t always see eye to eye but at least have their eyes on the same prize, most of the time anyway.

2. Radio – Sha La La (Make Me Happy)

Radio is based on a true story about a young man that had a serious learning disability but had a heart bigger than anyone. Whether his story was told faithfully or not the film shows how he overcame the loneliness and stigma of being a young, mentally handicapped black kid to become the heart and soul of a town that finally learned to embrace him and not shun him as so many had done in the past. There were missteps and hardships along the way of course, but the one thing you could never say was that Radio was a burden to anyone, since he had a heart that was willing to accept everyone.

1. Book of Eli – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

The future usually looks pretty bleak in movies, but in this one it looks particularly nasty, especially if the King James Bible is the only thing that can possibly bring it back, not in a supernatural way to be certain, but through the sheer belief that the good book can unite people in a way that hasn’t been done in far too long. The stranger walking the road, call him Eli or call him whatever you like, is a deadly adversary but also a messenger that wants nothing but a peaceful road and just enough to survive. He’s not to be messed with as it’s proven throughout the film, but even messengers have limits, and by the end, when he’s finally made his delivery, he’s allowed his final rest.

Al Green definitely had his wild side for a while, but it would seem he found his peace of mind after a time.

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