The Best Uses of Billy Currington Songs in Movies or TV

Billy Currington strikes me as one of those individuals that loves the music but doesn’t let himself get so fully involved in the business, thereby kind of keeping him from the kind of fame and fortune that others have struck. That could be erroneous however since he’s been around for a while and has been trying to stay relevant and do what he can to enjoy what he does and still make a living with it. He’s won an award in his time and been nominated for several, but it would almost seem as though he came to the party late and has been trying to catch up ever since. That might seem unkind since he’s still there and still banging with everyone else, but given that he’s not heard about as much as a lot of others it does seem as though he’s trying to keep on the level he’s at rather than making any leaping strides forward. He’s there though, that’s something to be proud of.

Here are a few of his songs that have been heard in TV and movies.

5. Late Late Show -Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is still a popular show but is also something that kind of gets lost in the mix and isn’t regarded by a lot of people as being on the same level as several of the other late night shows that kind of dominate those hours between evening and early morning. He’s a funny guy and he knows how to handle his guests and respond to them without fail, but still, there’s some quality of the show that seems to be missing the key ingredient that it might need to really push forward and outstrip the others. The musical guests are obviously still famous enough to be considered for a spot, but something else seems to be missing.

4. Late Show -Love Done Gone

Jimmy Fallon will not cease to be a surprise to many people when it comes to being as famous as he is. His show is pretty hilarious since it features multiple ways to laugh and to be entertained, but Fallon is still not the funniest guy in the world, but he does know how to get people laughing. It’s more or less the thought that he’s not on the same level as some of the people he was in SNL with that makes it hard to imagine that he’s gotten this far, but the merit and the work he’s put in have been enough to cement his spot in history when it comes to comedy and there’s no doubt that he can continue to earn it as the years roll on.

3. The Bachelor -Hey Girl

The Bachelor is one of those shows you either love, don’t like, or don’t watch. As far as reality shows go it’s still kind of hard to think that any group of women would be willing to vie with one another for one man no matter how rich, good-looking, nice, or interesting he really is. So much of the show is scripted that it’s hard to imagine that anyone watching believes a word of it. And the machinations that go on throughout the show as one woman tries to upstage another starts to make the show feel like it’s a high school competition to be the more devious of the bunch in order to what they want.

2. The Ranch – Drinkin’ Town With A Football Problem

It seems kind of fair to say that people didn’t know what to think about this show when it first came to Netflix, but it picked up a lot of fans pretty quickly after the first season since, quite honestly, it was funny without apology and didn’t hold anything back. The fact that Netflix doesn’t seem to have many if any barriers for foul language is great for a lot of people since it allows actors to really get into the roles and let loose. Scenes of a sexual nature are another matter of course but the show doesn’t really need this since it was enough to watch the family go at one another again and again as they did their best to coexist.

1. Due Date – People Are Crazy

When a man trying to get across the country to his wife, who is delivering their child soon, meets up with a wannabe actor that is just terrible but thinks he’s great, you can just start to imagine the misadventures that are bound to happen. Throughout all of it however the priorities of both men are tested more than once until they finally come to grips with the fact that they’ve become friends and are never going to be quite the same.

Billy is without a doubt known in some circles but at this point it seems fair to say that he might need an extra push to really keep his name on people’s lips.

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