The Best Uses of Chainsmokers Songs in Movies or TV

So if you ask one member of the Chainsmokers what’s with their name you might get the explanation that it has something to do with the fact that one of them smoked a lot of weed in college, while the other will admit that it’s just a name that they came up with in order to push their career. No matter which explanation you take it still sounds like a group that has a serious smoking problem, but at the same time it’s kind of a catchy name that sticks in the mind since it’s usually associated with something quite negative. Their music however is actually quite popular and in some ways very uplifting no matter that their name is somewhat hard to understand. Sometimes a name is picked just because it sounds good or because it’s the first thing that pops into the heads of the group.

Here are a few of their songs as heard in movies and TV.

5. The X Factor UK – Closer

It’s actually nice to know that there isn’t just one show that’s broadcast worldwide and that other countries are given their version of the same program so that their people can become standout hits as well. If America was the only staging ground for such shows it seems as though the program would never end and the submissions would go on and on without cease. But given that many countries harbor people with similar talents it’s intriguing to find out who’s going to be the next big star when they step on the stage and who’s good, but not quite great enough to be dubbed as the next big thing.

4. Saturday Night Live – Paris

It’d be interesting to know how the SNL executives make the decision on who to feature on the show when they’re looking at musical talent. It’s not as though they have a short list to pick from, but it also seems that they would want to be cautious in who they pick since they don’t want another Sinead incident or even an Ashlee Simpson debacle. With the vast number of groups and singers that can be selected from however it still begs the question of how they select their musical guests and whether or not anyone has ever refused to come on the show for one reason or another. That seems like it’d be a bad idea for one’s career, but you never know.

3. Lucifer – Something Just Like This

It’s interesting to think of the devil as something other than the fiery, red-skinned beast that Christian legend tells about and so many movies and show depict. But honestly a devil that’s charming, handsome, and quite capable of walking among mortals without drawing too much attention is scarier than the classic look the famed fallen angel is given so often. Lucifer is after all a master of deceit and in many ways should be capable of just about anything he desires so it’s not hard to imagine this show as something that could be quite popular and even a little fun when you really think of the differences between the legend and the show.

2. The Chainsmokers – #Selfie

The Duff is the kind of movie you hope is never proven to be real when it comes to real life but the truth is that it can and does happen. In the movie Mae Whitman has to deal with the fact that despite not being ugly or even fat, she’s not popular and is used as a means to make her friends look even better. This isn’t fair of course and it’s not what you do to friends, but eventually she comes to grips with who she is and what she’s all about, and that becomes immediately more attractive to everyone around her as confidence can trump outer beauty more often than not and allows a person to be truly content.

1. Suicide Squad – Closer

There is something seriously wrong with the relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker. He won’t let anyone else touch her, but it’s not always out of a sense of loving her, it’s more to the point that she’s his to play with and no one else’s. Harley on the other hand would love to be the kind of woman that can marry and tame the Joker and become a housewife with children and a husband that cares about her. And yet when she goes back to crazy mode she doesn’t care a single thing about any of that so long as the Joker is nearby and she can call him hers, in a very deluded and dangerous kind of way. It’s not a match made in heaven, it’s a kind of one-sided hell.

The Chainsmokers have shown that they can get the attention of an audience and can easily keep the fanbase they’ve created.

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