The Best Uses of Chris Stapleton Songs in Movies or TV

It’s not entirely surprising anymore to see people that are drawn to music enter into higher education of some sort and then bow out as they discover that what they’re doing doesn’t appeal to them as much as the musical career that they really want. Those that drop their education and actually do become stars like Chris Stapleton are lucky in some regards and just that good in others, while those that don’t make something of themselves often have to go back to doing what they were doing or can only hope and pray that they’ll meet with similar success. Folks like Chris however are those that gamble the farm, so to speak, on the chance that they’ll do something great with their lives and end up doing fairly well to great when everything pans out. In this world it’s easy to want people to succeed, but when it comes at the cost of education it’s a toss-up to see what will happen. Thankfully as bad as the odds are, some people do manage to find their way to a good place and can make it work for them.

Here are some of his songs as featured in movies and TV.

5. Chris Stapleton – I Was Wrong

This song was featured in the show Sharp Objects, one of those programs that you kind of have to really get into in order to enjoy and might not really understand at first. But the joy of it is that Amy Adams has the kind of acting ability that makes you want to learn what the program is about and perhaps even follow her down the method of madness that she uses in order to bring her character to life. In this show however that madness has a very profound effect on her character and a lot of people have thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Others might have wondered what was going on, but again it’s one of the many shows that kind of draws in a certain type of audience.

4. Chris Stapleton – Midnight Train to Memphis

The Predator became the kind of movie that people either groaned at or were highly anticipating since the famed hunters are a part of movie lore that has been shrouded in mystique and terror for a lot of years. If a guy like Arnold Schwarzenegger had a problem with them then it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be able to survive more than a single encounter with just one of them. But in this film the predator, the main villain in fact, is even tougher and thus harder to kill since they’ve been evolving as they’ve been interacting with the humans and other species, meaning they’ve become even tougher to kill.

3. Hell or High Water – Outlaw State of Mind

Banks are the bad guys in other words when it comes to this film, and that sentiment is hard to shake when a person is losing their home to a bank. But robbing the banks, no matter how good the intentions might be, is something that law enforcement doesn’t take lightly since it’s their job to make certain that not every person that feels they were wronged believes that they can go vigilante and do what they want. Unfortunately when an entire town is against the same institution it’s far more likely to believe that people are going to go blind for a few crucial moments than admit that they saw anything.

2. Alvin and the Chipmunks – Broken Halos

Alvin and the Chipmunks have covered so many different songs it’s hard to list them all, it’s not too hard to believe that they jump genres now and again just to make use of their unique sound and the ability to sound cute that so many people love. After all this small trio has been around for so long that people have come to view them as something of a cultural icon that have earned their place not just in our hearts but in the annals of fame that so many artists are so eager to join. In truth their sound is kind of infectious in that it gets into your head and has you humming the songs they sing even when you’re not aware of it.

1. Nashville – Both Hands on the Wheel

Chris was the writer for this song but was performed by the cast, but his contribution does count. After all it’s kind of important to be able to write and produce your own songs rather than just sing and be a one-trick pony. His contributions to the genre have been pretty great over the years and have earned him the kind of accolades that you would figure he deserves since his music is quite good and does deliver a healthy punch when it needs to.

He’s a talented man, that’s for certain.

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