The Best Uses of Elvis Costello Songs in Movies or TV

A lot of folks do know about Elvis Costello since he’s obviously made the rounds throughout his career and hasn’t been too shy about popping in here and there to make an appearance and possibly sing a bit, or perhaps just lend out a track or two to the desired TV show or movie. All in all he’s been quite successful considering that he started out just playing here and there when he was younger while trying to hold own a job to support himself. Costello is one of those folks that has managed to create something special while at the same time coming from a humble life in which he didn’t have everything but he had what he needed to get by. Like a lot of musicians he was granted a love for the music early on since his father was already a musician and he kind of picked up on the whole idea when he was able to grasp the concept.

Here are a few of his songs as heard in TV and movies.

5. Frasier – Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

Frasier was a fun and engaging show while it lasted since quite honestly it featured two of the most neurotic men who were also two of the most successful men in their chosen fields. Niles and Frasier were quite a bit different even though they were sometimes far too alike to be comfortable. But overall Niles was really the stiff between the two of them since he was the know it all and the kind of guy that would actually correct someone when he felt the need no matter if it was kind of rude at the same time. But all in all it was nice to see him actually get into having fun every now and again.

4. Malcolm in the Middle – Pump It Up

Out of all the sitcoms that have come and gone, Malcolm in the Middle is one that a lot of people were sad to see go since it was almost non-stop fun and in some ways it did make some folks feel a little better about their lives. But it couldn’t have gone on with the same kind of success since it had reached a point where keeping things going any longer would have been kind of pointless. The boys were all getting older, Hal and Lois just couldn’t seem to stop having kids, and it was kind of an endless cycle that just didn’t seem like it was going to end anytime soon. But the way the show ended was just perfect. This song is also used very well in the movie PCU.

3. The Sopranos – Complicated Shadows

When it comes to shows like the The Sopranos people flock to them since they love fictional crime stories with a lot of drama and a lot of violence. Well, some people like the drama a little more but really the violence is what draws a good number of people too. One of the biggest draws however was Tony and the fact that he was trying to juggle his place in the mob and his family life at the same time and wasn’t always able to do this in a manner that was conducive to his mental or even physical health. Being a mobster these days doesn’t seem like the life it was built up as back in the day.

2. Notting Hill – She

This film kind of makes you wonder just how a person tells when an actor is being sincere since some of them are quite good at what they do and it’s not so cut and dried all the time when they’re trying to have an honest emotion. That would make it hard for someone that might want to get to know them but wouldn’t be able to really tell if they were being given an act or if the person was being genuine. There seems to be a lot that has to be taken on trust when a person dates an actor or even a performer, and not just because of their acting ability. There would also be the media to think of, and what they might say. You’d definitely want the actor to back you up in any given situation.

1. The Big Lebowski – My Mood Swing

“The Dude abides.” Simpler words are hard to come by in any movie since this one was and still is a cult classic that people have come to love throughout the years for a few reasons. One is that it is kind of crazy most of the way through and does take someone that really wants to watch it. Another good point is that the Dude is someone whose life is far from perfect and yet he somehow gets along anyway and makes things work. And another point is that it’s Jeff Bridges, you just can’t go wrong with this guy most times.

The Dude abides, right on.

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