The Best Uses of Five Finger Death Punch Songs in TV

If you’re wondering about the name then yes, Five Finger Death Punch is in fact derived from the band’s love of martial arts movies, and it seems fitting. The heavy metal experience that is 5FDP is from Las Vegas and has been gaining prominence throughout the years since 2005 when they first came out. At this point they’re all over the place and if you’re big into Facebook still after all the issues it’s had then you’ll see them pop up frequently since they’ve been on a tear with their career as of late. In fact a lot of people in the Pacific Northwest have likely been psyched since they’ve had the chance to see them now and again as of late considering that they and many other bands have been making the rounds the last couple of years. But when it comes to hard rock and the ability to really charge the audience this band has been on fire lately.

Here are a few of their songs as they’ve been seen in TV.

5. Five Finger Death Punch – Back for More

Madden NFL 12 is just another game in a long line of them that’s been inundated with a lot of great bands that have made the gaming experience that much better since the driving, pounding beats that 5FDP is capable of have managed to increase the adrenaline and fire that a lot of players tend to love when they’re playing the game. Football is without a doubt an adrenaline-fueled sport and as such it’s great to have songs that can pick a person up and increase the in-game aggression just enough to make it fun. In fact it seems like there are very few people that play such games that would opt to take it out.

4. Five Finger Death Punch – Walk Away

The way that the band describes themselves is kind of amusing since they explain that it’s like stepping on a garden rake while looking at a supermodel just before taking the handle to the face. It’s absolutely impressive and able to get your heart pumping even as it blasts you right in the face with the kind of sound they deliver. That seems like one of the fitting analogies for a band that could ever be given and it’s definitely something that people can relate to since the music itself is something that you can’t help but be hooked by and want to listen to more of after each and every song on the album.

3. Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Hard to See

Jimmy Kimmel is the kind of funny that leaves you wondering what you were laughing at sometimes but still feeling that you got your money’s worth. Plus he brings on some of the best musical guests to his show when you really think about it. The days when he used to co-host the Man Show were great but now that he’s been on his own for a while and doing his own thing it really seems like he’s flourished more than a bit and is able to keep his place in late night without much need for worry since he can pit himself against the other late night titans with ease. He’s a genuinely funny guy after all.

2. Supernatural – Bad Company

You probably wouldn’t think that hunting down the supernatural would be the best way to maintain job security or live a long and healthy life, but the brothers in the show seem to get along just fine and despite a few setbacks now and again they tend to handle their business in one way or another. Sure there have been problems here and there along the line and some real tragedies that have occurred during each episode, but the idea that anything is going to get them down is just a single episode away from being solved most times since the fans always wanted to see their heroes rise.

1. Criminal Minds – Far From Home

Shows like this make the idea of law enforcement seem like it’s non-stop action all the time and solving cases in a matter of hours or days. In real life there’s a lot more procedure and a great deal more paperwork to be filed before anything can really get done. It’s hard to believe after watching shows like this but a lot of people have already gone and found out by researching law enforcement just to see how the process really goes. The action and the drama are great in these types of shows and they make for an enjoyable time when it comes to watching them, but one has to remember that they’re dramas and don’t show everything that goes on behind the scenes.

Five Finger Death Punch is the kind of band you listen to when you really need a heavy-handed punch to the ear drums and a shot of adrenaline to get going.

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