The Best Uses of Florida Georgia Line Songs in Movies or TV

When it comes to the evolution of country music Florida Georgia Line is right there front and center since they’ve been going strong since 2010 and have been pushing their sound as far as it can go with each performance. If you hear what sounds like a little bit of hip hop influence in their songs it’s not much of a surprise since they’ve been avid listeners to Eminem and Lil Wayne as well as many country singers that have helped to influence their music. Their belief that country is evolving is one that many people share since the genre, like every other style, needs to keep moving onward and upward in order to really satisfy their listeners and possibly create interest for new fans as well. With their sound the way it is there’s no doubt as to why they’re one of the more popular bands today.

Here are a few of their songs as heard in movies and TV.

5. WWE2K15 – This Is How We Roll

WWE is known for taking on some of the hottest bands in the world for their shows, their PPV’s, and their games. The graphics in the game are about as good as they can get and the gameplay is something that a lot of fans can appreciate since the movements and the look of the characters is spot on, thereby adding to the enjoyment. There’s no doubt that WWE is the kind of company that can dial up a number and make an offer that most bands couldn’t refuse, but to think that any would even think of saying no when they get the call is kind of hard to believe since the money would likely be pretty good.

4. Jimmy Kimmel Live! – Stay

Does anyone still remember when Jimmy Kimmel was on the Man Show with Adam Corolla? He was pretty funny back then but he’s become something even more now that he’s got his own show and has been doing his absolute best to stay competitive in the late night show slot. So far he’s done pretty well since he has guests and musical performers that come on and give the show a lot of pep, so it’s fair to say that he’s going to be around for a while unless someone somehow unseats him. That would be kind of a sad day if it ever happened however since Kimmel, no matter what his political affiliations are, is pretty funny.

3. Rock Story – H.O.L.Y.

There are times when rock and roll can get downright confusing since it can become mired and bogged down by relationship issues and the kind of drama that you might think belongs in a soap opera, which is what a lot of TV shows are becoming these days. A lot of them manage interject other elements into the story to make it palatable to more viewers, but when you look at the makeup of this particular show it’s kind of hard to think that it’s anything other than drama heaped on drama as the continuing saga of the people involved becomes so increasingly entangled that trying to figure it all out without gaining a headache in the process seems kind of impossible.

2. The Do-Over – Sun Daze

The Do-Over wasn’t considered to be one of the best movies ever made and there are reasons why, many of them in fact. But it was kind of fun all the same to just watch, laugh, and kind of plow through the movie hoping it got better. The whole thing about it is that some people can relate since like Charlie they tend to feel unappreciated and taken for granted by so many people just because they decide to be nice and respectful. Yet for all that Charlie does learn that it takes someone that’s rude and overbearing every now and then to move things along since people that are too nice just keep taking the crap without saying much of anything.

1. Nashville – Dirt

It’s kind of cool to see actual stars from the music industry come onto a show and put on a performance since it kind of adds some validity to the whole premise of the show itself. Nashville is another in a long line of TV programs that manages to show people just how hard it is to break into an industry where thousands of people are attempting to show their talent only for hundreds or less to actually be given a shot. But at the top it seems that the stress has built up to such a level that trying to manage it while maintaining a career that one can be proud of and please everyone at the same time is kind of impossible without having some kind of breakdown.

Florida Georgia Line is one of the best young bands around and it would seem as though they’ve got a lot of time left to maintain a successful career.

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