The Best Uses of Hailee Steinfeld Songs in Movies or TV

Hailee Steinfeld is among the many people that you might love or hate simply because she’s so uniquely talented. It’s very easy to look at her as someone that has everything she could want and assume that life comes easy to her, but in truth she’s no different than anyone else when it comes to being successful. She puts in the work, she does what she needs to, and she hopes and prays as much as anyone else when it comes finally getting what she wants. That she’s been a successful singer and actor is a testament to how hard she’s worked and the amount of time she’s put into her career in an attempt to be one of the best at what she does. Having started her acting career at the age of 10 she’s managed to stick with it and create something that people have easily recognized her for, but her musical talents are just as well-received.

Here are a few instances in which her songs were heard in movies and TV.

5. Pitch Perfect 2 – Flashlight

Unless you were really into this type of thing in college it was typically something you might notice but never really say much about since singing and performing on stage is not for everyone. But if if it is an interest then watching the Bellas would no doubt be something that those who are into such movies would be interested in. The style, the singing, and the overall showmanship in these movies is fairly well done and the choreography was something to be impressed with up until the little incident that had to do with Fat Amy exposing herself in a way that no one was really prepared for.

4. Fifty Shades Freed – Capital Letters

The Fifty Shades stories have still managed to pull down enough at the box office to be noticed but when compared to the books a lot of people, women mostly, seemed to have been highly disappointed in what was revealed. What they don’t seem to realize however is that if the books were translated piece for piece these movies might have been rated X instead of R. The whole story behind the main couple is one that is kind of interesting and does have a rather interesting hook but usually with films like this women are far more interested in the intrigue than men, though men have managed to find interest in this movie as well.

3. How to Be Single – I Love Myself

Relationships are hard. Did you know that? They’re even harder when people tend to focus more on their insecurities and less on how others around them might be able to help out now and again when it comes to admitting that they too have fears and worries that they want to be assuaged from time to time. So man people worry incessantly about what it’s going to take attract a person, to keep them, and to put up with them that they worry themselves right out of a relationship and come to regret what they did later on. Eventually life continues to roll on and people find someone else to spend their time with, but until they learn how to be single they can’t possibly learn how to be with someone.

2. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – Let Me Go

Hailee has done a lot in her career at this point but a theme has definitely developed in some of the stuff she’s been involved in be it acting or music. That theme has a lot to do with learning how to let go of something, anything, so that you can move forward with life. It also has to do with being comfortable in your own skin and learning what it’s actually like to enjoy the person you are and stop trying to be anyone else. So far in her career she’s done a great job of pushing this image and has even seemed to live it for the most part. But if you haven’t seen the theme yet then you might want to take a look at what she’s done so far.

1. Blockers – I Love Myself

Some parents really don’t know how to let go, and it wears on their kids something awful. Once a kid is a teenager parents tend to be lame sometimes and just need to go away and let them live their lives. The only reason why parents become so overprotective of their kids, as in this movie, is that they’ve been there, done that, and know what comes of it even if the kids don’t happen to think that their parents know anything. Experience usually trumps the desire of a teen to try something no matter that the parent is bound to lose on this front more than they’ll ever win. After all, the teens have to find their own way in life eventually.

So far in life Hailee has been doing just fine it would seem.

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