The Best Uses of Jay Z Songs in Movies or TV

If a person doesn’t know who Jay-Z is at this point and time it’s likely they 1) don’t listen to music at all, 2) have no idea what rap is, and/or 3) have willfully kept themselves hidden under a rock far from civilization for the past couple of decades or more. Just speaking his name is enough to get input from a whole list of people that either know about him, have had something to do with him, or simply adore the man for the work he’s done and the songs he’s sung throughout his career. There was a point and time when he wasn’t all that well known but a lot of us might have been too young to remember since he’s been blazing a trail for some time now and hasn’t really looked back to see where he’s been in favor of wanting to see where he’s going. If you haven’t heard even one of his songs it’s time to brush up since the guy has been on a roll for a long time now.

Here are just a few of his best songs as played in movies and TV.

5. WWE – Empire State of Mind

The Garden, as Madison Square Garden in New York is so commonly known to its many upon many residents, has hosted a wide variety of entertainers throughout the year from sports to music to just about anyone that can fill the place and produce a profit. The WWE has almost always been able to fill just about every possible seat in any arena for years now, and the Garden is no exception since people come out in droves to watch the show. It might be choreographed and the feuds might not be real but people are still infatuated with the idea that some of it isn’t faked and some of the hits they see are just as good as anything under the sun.

4. Criminal Minds – Run This Town

People either like this show or don’t, but the mere fact that they know about means that they’ve seen the show at least once or glanced at it. Spencer is the kind of guy that might annoy a lot of people since he’s super-intelligent, always seems to have a theory about something, and he’s allowed to carry a gun on top of all this so he’s obviously qualified to be a field agent. Yet his many quirks seem to hamper him as a character since his intelligence is great but it also makes him a rather annoying character sometimes, but also somewhat vulnerable since he doesn’t always know how to relate to people.

3. Miami Vice – Numb

Any chance to hear this collaboration between Jay-Z and Linkin Park is a great once but honestly a lot of people thought that the Miami Vice movie fell short of the mark when it came to comparing it to the show. One of the biggest problems is that casting someone in the same role that Don Johnson immortalized seemed like a mistake from the start since people were actually incensed that anyone would think of this as a good idea. Miami Vice was honestly a show that people loved so much that it might have been better to simply let it be and never even think about putting it on the big screen.

2. Training Day – Training Day

One of the most dangerous people in this world is a cop that will willingly cross the line between law and lawlessness and never blink. In that case the law means almost nothing while the opportunities that can be taken at its expense are everything to those that will gladly step over the line again and again. Jake finds this out the hard way during his training day as he has to deal with a corrupt trainer that not only gets him to cross the line a time or two, but eventually turns on him without warning and challenges his belief in the very law that he’s sworn to uphold. The fight near the end is actually pretty epic considering what’s at stake.

1. Rush Hour – Can I Get A…

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan didn’t really seem like that great of a mix when they were first put together, but upon watching the movie most people should be able to agree that it was one of the greatest pairings in movie history. Tucker’s quick wit and Chan’s amazing moves were a hit that made this movie something unique to the cinema experience at the time since the chemistry they exhibited was something that took a lot of audience members by surprise. The idea of Americans being boorish and fumbling around all the time wasn’t exactly erased, but it was shown that east and west can work together when it’s necessary.

Seriously, if you or any person you know hasn’t heard of Jay-Z yet go out and buy an album and live the experience.

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