The Best Uses of Jimi Hendrix Songs in Movies or TV

There’s a great deal that can be said about Jimi Hendrix but what a lot of people are interested in has to do with his music and how it was viewed by the world. In the minds of many he was a genius and made such massive contributions to music that his touch and his sound will never be forgotten. But in other ways he did have his own issues growing up and had to face some adversity now and again in order to sort himself out and figure out what was most important in his life. He became a legend in his own time and is still considered as much today as he’s one of the founders of a new era of rock that gripped the American people and hasn’t let go ever since. The fact that his music has been used in so many different ways is just a testament to how much people have enjoyed his work for so long.

Here are some of his songs as used in movies and TV.

5. Battlestar Galactica – All Along the Watchtower

It would kind of depend on who you ask when it comes to which version of Battlestar Galactica is the best since some hold out that the original series was better while there are some that would insist that the newer episodes were a vast improvement. But in truth a lot of fans do tend to enjoy both since they offer up their own level of excitement and in the case of the original a bit of nostalgia that’s hard to let go sometimes. Honestly it doesn’t really matter since both versions are pretty cool in their own right and make good use of the story they’re given in order to entertain the fans.

4. Minions – Purple Haze

It was only a matter of time before the minions got their own movie, and to be honest it was kind of interesting since it gave them a decent back story and explained through evolution that they were just kind of ‘there’ no matter that they never made the history books. They existed only to follow the biggest, baddest, meanest boss they could, but throughout history it was seen that they were usually the downfall of those bosses as well. It actually seemed to take finding Gru to make them a cohesive unit that could operate as they normally did while still having a boss that wouldn’t run afoul of their mishaps.

3. Forrest Gump – All Along the Watchtower

Most people know about this film at this time and know that it has a great soundtrack with a lot of different artists of the time period that bring back a lot of memories for many people that existed in this era. Forrest was a rather special individual, not just in the sense that he was a bit slow and not quite up to the mental standards of society, but more because he didn’t have a mean bone in his body and was a reactionary person. He was happy and contemplative most of the time, and the other times his emotions came to the forefront based upon the situation that he found himself in.

2. Blue Chips – All Along the Watchtower

I apologize for not being able to find a clip of Blue Chips with this song in it, but the movie itself was something that you might expect of a sports movie, especially one having to do with college players. You can imagine the desperation that some coaches feel when they go from having a winning record to suddenly having to deal with loss after loss and finding themselves on the hot seat. The politics of college sports however is something that seems to get exceedingly ugly when money is brought into the equation, as college athletes aren’t supposed to be earning big money while they’re playing for a college team. They’re not supposed to anyway, but rumors abound that it happens.

1. Wayne’s World-Foxy Lady

How many of us were watching as Garth tried to hit on the attractive lady at the donut shop? How many of us were moving with the music as we tried to imagine Garth actually getting to be with her? This movie was something right out of SNL, literally, but it was also a generational shift that saw Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey hit a new gear and keep on cruising as they basked in the spotlight and began to find new ways to entertain the audience. You’ve got to admit, the product placement scene in this movie was simply hilarious, as were many other scenes that made this movie great.

Jimi Hendrix was a rock god to many and went way before his time. You can imagine that by now he’d be doing something other than rock and roll, but he would no doubt still be connected to the music in one way or another.

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