The Best Uses of Joe Walsh Songs in Movies

Joe Walsh has been called the Clown Prince of Rock and it’s a name that’s kind of stuck throughout his career. But one thing that the guy is known for is being one of the best musicians to ever pick up a guitar and get out on stage. He’s been around for a while and has played with several bands, the Eagles being one of them, but he’s also had a pretty impressive solo career that people have come to appreciate as well. It’s good to go back and listen to some of the classics even though he’s still performing to this day. Guys like Joe Walsh have managed to lay a foundation for rock and roll that has been laid by the guys that came before them and has made sure that people remember him when he’s gone. His music has been featured in many different ways throughout the years and in many different venues.

Here are some uses of his songs in movies.

5. Fast Times at Ridgemont High – Waffle Stomp

This is one of the best high school movies of all time mostly because of the characters but also because it was one of those movies where careers were either made or continued as a few of the actors were already well-established and were riding high on their fame. But obviously a couple of them were noticed more than others, such as Sean Penn and Phoebe Cates. A lot of of us probably remember when this film came out and might have watched it over and over. As films go it was fairly ridiculous and didn’t make complete sense but it was so much fun that it really didn’t matter all that much.

4. Urban Cowboy – All Night Long

This was considered to actually be one of the more interesting John Travolta films and it was in fact something that had some potential. Some people might argue against it but at least in this film Bud had the idea of wanting to reconcile with his sister Sissy by the end of the movie. Something about Scott Glenn seems to scream ‘bad guy’ sometimes since he can play the part so convincingly. The whole idea of the mechanical bull was something that a lot of people noticed and was even a major plot point that got a lot more attention than the rest of the story. It was a decent movie really.

3. Joe Dirt – Funk #49

Joe Dirt is the guy you want to make fun of right away since he’s not a bad guy but he is exceedingly dumb in some ways. He has a big heart though and is able to win over just about anyone by being himself and being as kind as he can. He’s not someone you think you can depend on from the get-go but throughout the movie he proves that he’s the kind of guy that will have your back so long as you treat him right and prove that he’s worth something to you. Now yes, setting him up with Brandi seems like kind of a stretch but if you really think about it, stranger things have happened in the movies.

2. 40 Year Old Virgin – Life of Illusion

The 40-Year Old Virgin, where this song is featured in the opening of the film, is a movie that seems to focus intently on the stigma of having sex by the time you’re a certain age. Going so long without ever experiencing sex isn’t something that’s exceedingly rare but it is kind of uncommon. Poor Andy however can’t seem to catch a break when his coworkers decide to keep pressuring him to experience the one thing that he’s sworn off since he was young. Of course if you fail at it a few times when you’re young and a woman tells you to just give up you might find yourself stuck with a bit of a hangup that’s hard to shed.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 1 – Funk #49

People were losing their minds when this movie was about to come out since it was a continuation of the MCU in a different direction than they’d seen thus far and a buildup to something that had already been coming. The Guardians were not the original team that came out in the comics but instead were a team that was a little more well-known since Star Lord, Drax, Gamorra, Rocket, and Groot belong to the generation of comics fans that were born either in the 90s or later. Those of us that remember when Yondu was a member of the Guardians in the comics might have been a little confused at first, but it passed.

Joe Walsh has been every bit as good on his own as he was in any of the bands he played with. That’s how great this guy really is.

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