The Best Uses of Kool and the Gang Songs in Movies or TV

Kool and the Gang went through a lot of name changes it sounds like before finally deciding on the one name that would get them noticed and push their career in a direction that would see them become one of the most prominent groups of their time. Even in the current era if a person mentions their name a lot of people are bound to be able to recall at least a few of their songs. Theirs is a sound that doesn’t leave one’s conscious memory all that quickly once you’ve heard a couple of their tracks, and it’s definitely one that sticks in the subconscious no matter what. They’ve had a lot of changes to their roster over the years but the name of the band has been kept intact and so has the ability to turn out memorable beats that people love to dance to. In a few ways they’re one of those groups that endures throughout the decades largely because people might not praise them at all times, but are still willing to remember and respect them more often than not.

Here are some of their best songs as heard in TV and movies.

5. Brooklyn 99 – Celebration

Brooklyn 99 is one of the funniest shows to emerge on TV in a long while and one reason this is so is because it has such a healthy mix of comedy and drama that it’s easily one of the more balanced programs around. While a good part of the cast are adept at comedy and in fact are well-versed in it there’s also the idea that they can dial it down and become serious every now and then as well. Of course it does help to have a captain that can deadpan everything and still be absolutely hilarious since this is his main role. All in all this is a fun show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows the audience to have a good time while watching.

4. South Park – Celebration

Anyone just now looking at South Park might consider it to be a chaotic show devoted to utter insanity rooted in anarchy. But there’s enough order and sane moments in the show to balance that out, granted that it’s not always agreeable with what people feel is right. That’s the trick though, what the creators think is right doesn’t really have to coincide with their viewers, it only matters that people want to watch and are going to turn on the TV when the show comes on. You could honestly state that South Park isn’t for everyone, despite the fact that it’s got a little bit of everything after so many seasons.

3. Jumpin’ Jack Flash – Misled

Long story short, Terry is a civilian that gets messed up in a big to-do with a bunch of sensitive information that probably shouldn’t be given to a person that’s not in the know and is forced to flee for her life more than once as she tries to decide just who to trust and who to run away from. When her life is threatened however it almost becomes any port in a storm until she finds someone that is actually trying to keep her alive and in one piece. Among Whoopi Goldberg’s many films this is perhaps one of those that she’s most remembered for as it’s not a bad film to be honest and is kind of amusing.

2. You Got Served – Summer Madness

Out of the many upon many dance movies that have been made, You Got Served is one of the most dynamic among them and quite honestly it’s fun to watch. Once it steps away from the dancing it becomes very dramatic, but upon returning the fun is on again. One thing that stands out among them all is the fact that while David and Elgin’s crew lost to the new crew in town they did so because the new crew took one of David and Elgin’s people, who in turn taught them all the moves he’d learned from his former crew. There’s battling and then there’s cheating, but so long as the crowd votes one way or another it doesn’t seem to matter.

1. The Wedding Singer – Ladies Night

Back in the 80s wedding singers seemed to have a much bigger reputation than they do now, as DJs have seemed to take over a lot of these responsibilities. But for Robbie the part about being a wedding singer was more about reminding people what was so great about getting married. Once he got his heart broken by being left at the altar however his outlook changed quite a bit, at least until he met a woman that was already engaged, fell in love, and realized that she was just as in love with him.

Kool and the Gang have been a huge inspiration to many throughout the decades.

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