The Best Uses of Lady Antebellum Songs in Movies or TV

Lady Antebellum’s name has been criticized more than once since it comes from the Antebellum period that came right before the Civil War, when slavery was still legal and the country had not yet been divided along the lines that would seek to tear it apart. Their music has been extremely popular since they started up in 2006 and many a wedding and party has featured at least one of their songs, though a couple of them are kind of hard to imagine why for various reasons. Still, they’ve managed to gain a great deal of notoriety throughout their many concerts and appearances and have earned their fame. Hillary Scott was actually eliminated from American Idol twice, but upon helping to make the band has earned a great reputation that no longer needs vindication. It’s funny how those things work out sometimes.

Here are some of their songs as they’ve been used in TV and movies.

5. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

This became one of the biggest hits that the band produced and is one that a lot of people know them by. But if you listen to the lyrics it does sound as though they’re calling on someone to be a booty call, or a ride home at the very least. “I’m a little drunk and I need you now” could be taken a few different ways honestly, but it all depends on the perception of the person listening, because otherwise it’s just a sweet-sounding song that could mean something completely different than what those listening are thinking about. It’s funny how a song can mean something to one person and something entirely different to another listener.

4. Dirty Dancing -Hey Baby

Oddly enough this TV film followed the original pretty close but with some obvious changes. It focuses on Baby as a grown woman that now has her own family but keeps in contact with Johnny, who has settled into a career. The film however does go back to Kellerman’s and recounts the days that Baby and her family spent at the resort, though her parents are thinking of divorcing, her sister rejects Robbie much sooner, and other noticeable changes take place as well. It’s kind of curious why they would change so much, but perhaps it was meant to update the film or be it’s own distinctive project.

3. Hello World – NCIS

Bob Newhart got to guest star on the episode this song was used. He played a fellow doctor, retired, who knew Ducky quite well. The unfortunate part was that he was losing his memory, dealing with onset dementia or Alzheimer’s perhaps, and was quite distraught. So in an effort to remind him of all the lives he’d touched Ducky and the rest of the NCIS crew decided to compile picture show that would allow him to once again see the many people he had helped throughout the years. NCIS has always had a rather touching side that breaks away from the procedural part of the show now and again.

2. The Best of Me – Falling For You

You would think that 21 years of not seeing one another would be hard to get past, but Dawson and Amanda pick up right where they left off as though nothing had happened. This of course puts a strain on Amanda’s marriage and causes a few problems that aren’t easily fixed. But all that is forgotten when her son is in an accident and needs a heart donor soon after. When a donor is found she wonders who it is but doesn’t find out until much later. When she finds out that Dawson was shot by his father she also learns years later that he was the donor that saved her son’s life, thereby giving her the best of him.

1. American Honey – American Honey

It’s interesting when a movie shows a person attempting to get out of a bad situation but they somehow wander into one that can be potentially worse. Star however needed to get away from home in order to get away from that man that was continually trying to molest her. The only problem was that she hooked up with a group, and a young man, that was extremely unbalanced and started to take her down a path that was anything but positive. When she begins to realize that she’s not as important to him as she initially thought she starts having second thoughts about running with the group any longer. She ends up staying, but it’s an existence that seems to have as many ups as downs, and something that could be extremely unpredictable.

Lady Antebellum is a band that’s made their place in history at this point and have proven their worth to the music community. Whether a listener likes them or not is kind of irrelevant since their fame has already been established, and rightfully so.

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