The Best Uses of Lenny Kravitz Songs in Movies or TV

If anyone doesn’t know who Lenny Kravitz is in passing at the very least then there’s good chance they were born not that long ago or have a very, very short memory. For the rest of us he’s one of the most known musicians throughout the world and he’s also one of the most influential. His music has been there for a lot of people when they needed something, anything, to pick them up and make them feel that it was okay to keep moving forward, and the man himself has been a huge inspiration to a lot of people since he just seems to epitomize cool. In fact the idea of it just seems to radiate from him in a way that touches just about anyone that’s next to him. Throughout his long and successful career he’s done a lot of things, and yet many of us will likely remember him for his music more than anything.

Here are a few of his songs that have been featured in TV and movies.

5. The Mindy Project – American Woman

This show is a lot of fun since it features a woman that is quite strong and confident when she’s on the clock but outside of work is looking for something she just hasn’t found yet. Despite all her professionalism and ability to be a leader on the job her social life is kind of awkward and isn’t going in the direction she wants it to for some reason. Barring that though it’s kind of a fun show since Mindy is honestly and truly representative of many women that know they want something more out of life but aren’t really certain how to get it all the time. She does manage to get by each day but she doesn’t always know how.

4. X Factor – Are You Gonna Go My Way

Not only would it be great to get up on stage and be able to belt out a classic Kravitz jam, but being able to do so with the artist himself in residence and ready to bust it out with you would be uniquely awesome and the dream of many an aspiring musician. The X Factor is just one more show among many that allows people to showcase the talents they have and display their skills in front of the judges for consideration, but every now and then a celebrity will come on and give people a show. It would be beyond the dreams of many to share a stage with someone like Lenny Kravitz though.

3. The Waterboy – Always On the Run

The Waterboy is a movie that some people like and some people think is actually offensive. If you can watch it and realize the stereotypes are nothing more than good fun that means no harm however then you might be able to enjoy it. Bobby is the kind of guy that just doesn’t have a lot of social skills, but it’s not entirely his fault since he also has a mother that’s so overprotective that everything is instantly labeled ‘the devil’ and as a result Bobby misses out on a lot of life. But when he unloads all his pent-up aggression on the football field he quickly learns that he has a lot more to offer than just being a waterboy.

2. Austin Powers – American Woman

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me was just the second in a trio of movies that have done a great job of spoofing the spy game in one of the greatest ways possible. In fact some people might not even consider it a spoof since the whole idea of Austin Powers kind of took off in its own direction and left the spoof aspect behind in a way. This movie was great since Heather Graham was a very appreciated addition and because the gags only got funnier even as the plot and the one-liners got more and more disgusting and over the top. You could say that Mike Meyers was definitely trying to one-up himself throughout the entire movie.

1. Reality Bites – Spinning Around Over You

Reality Bites is the kind of movie you watch when you feel the need to feel better about yourself, but also when you want something fun to watch that’s a love story but not so sappy that you’re ready to turn it off before the halfway mark. In truth you almost feel for both guys in the story since you want the woman to go with one of them since he’s successful, driven, and has his life together. But you kind of want her to go for the other guy since the match is just something that seems emotionally compatible. In the end emotion wins out over practicality but it seems to work out pretty well for all of them so hey, win-win.

Kravitz is a legend, ’nuff said.

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