The Best Uses of Marc Anthony Songs in Movies or TV

Marc Anthony is one of the many individuals we might talk about that some people swoon over and other people just kind of go ‘meh’ to. In terms of his career he’s been one of the biggest and best singers around for a good long while, and he’s even managed to bring his talents to the big screen a few times in order to show that he’s versatile in other areas. But throughout his career things have seemed to stay pretty stable no matter what he’s gone through or had to endure since he’s been around long enough to say that he’s been there done that and come out the other side still smiling. Like a lot of stars he’s had his good times and his bad but he seems to be one of those that points himself in the forward direction and hits GO rather than allow his career to stagnate and possibly decline.

Here are a few of his songs that have been featured on TV and in movies.

5. Marc Anthony – I Need to Know

It’s kind of hard to pin this song down to any one production since it’s heard here and there in various projects but it’s extremely difficult to tell if they’ve been credited or not. Believe it or not the internet is kind of flawed sometimes since it’s continually updated by human beings, who can and do miss things every now and again. But if you’re thinking that you’ve heard this song on TV or in movies occasionally then you’re not wrong. But if you can remember which ones then you’re obviously the kind of person that has a rather good memory and could possibly tell people a thing or two when it comes to gathering information.

4. Runaway Bride – You Sang to Me

It’s one thing when you run away from one marriage, but when you develop a habit of doing this every time you come to the altar it’s bound to get you the kind of attention that most people wouldn’t want. And of course there’s going to be that one person that thinks they can change you even if that’s not their initial reaction to the story. It is important to get the reasoning behind why a woman would do this since the idea of getting married is usually that she wants to and has picked out everything special in order for this one perfect day to go off without a hitch. But then again, some people are just insanely fickle.

3. American Music Awards – Rain Over Me

Not having Marc Anthony at an awards show, especially when it’s a music awards show, seems like it would be a sin since he’s done so much to help the industry in his time and has made a name for himself that needs to be celebrated now and again. Whether he’s performing or just sitting in the audience though it’s a sure bet that he’s going to be in the building since quite honestly there wouldn’t be any way you could leave his name off the guest list and not have it be considered a scandal. Now if he couldn’t make it because of a prior obligation that’s one thing, but leaving him off, big mistake.

2. Marc Anthony – Aguanile

Most of his songs are revered by his fans and it’s not too surprising to say so since Marc Anthony is, to some people, a very great figure to listen to and to look at. To others he has a great voice but is kind of odd-looking in that he’s got the classic, handsome face of someone that might be considered overwhelmingly attractive to some folks but is just kind of awkward to others. This won’t ever take away from the fact that he’s got a voice that people would gladly kill to have, but the debate over his physical attraction is something that a lot of people have no doubt held debates about in the past. To each their own though, that seems the safest way to be.

1. The Mask of Zorro – I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You

People were actually divided about this movie since there was a bit of whitewashing that went on in the casting, though it still came off as an action-packed film that had just enough humor injected into it to make it something special. The whole idea of Zorro was something that a lot of us have grown up on, whether it was reruns or the original showing. While this one was updated just enough to appeal to viewers however it was also criticized for a few things that seem kind of trivial, like the whitewashing since Anthony Hopkins did such a great job, and a few others things that aren’t even worth mentioning.

Throughout his career he’s had a great voice and has actually been a decent actor, so it’s fair to say that Marc Anthony is a truly talented man.

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