The Best Uses of Megadeth Songs in Movies or TV

One thing it doesn’t seem wise to do is base one’s future career upon getting revenge for being rejected from another group. Unfortunately that’s just what Dave Mustaine of Megadeth did when he first started up the idea of the band. He’d been kicked out of Metallica for various reasons and had taken the rejection rather poorly, but in forging ahead he made it a vow to do better than the band he’d been ejected from. While Megadeth did in fact go far and do a lot of great things it’s debatable if they ever came close to Metallica’s numbers since at this point both bands are legends, but Metallica seems to have a definite edge on Megadeth when it comes to overall popularity. Plus, the confusion over lyrics and what they mean and the conversion of Mustaine to Christianity kind of messed up their whole vibe for a while, meaning that the loss of fans and revenue wasn’t too surprising. They’re still widely popular, but thinking they’re on par with Metallica any longer is a debate to be had between fans.

Here are some of their songs that have been used in TV and film.

5. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation – Almost Honest

Fans of the MK games were hoping and praying that this would be a fair representation of one of the first and only video games to have unbridled carnage spill out onto the screen in bright splashes of crimson, but like the first film they were utterly disappointed. Not only did Johnny Cage end up getting killed within the first few minutes of the movie, but only a couple of characters even made the transition from the first film. Honestly it didn’t help their careers any but the fact that the sequel introduced more characters helped only marginally since the franchise has so many characters that a series would be the only way to display them all.

4. WCW Monday Nitro – Crush ‘Em

Once upon a time there was a wrestling promotion that WASN’T called WWE and it was a sure thing when it came to competition. For a while back in the day WCW actually had WWE, or WWF as it was known back then, on the ropes. But despite all the different shows, the Nitro Girls, the added talent that came in and did their thing, WCW unfortunately didn’t seem to know how to really use what they had and squandered a lot. Think about it, they had Stone Cold before he was Stone Cold and let him go. They had top shelf talent and allowed them to make the jump to WWE simply because they weren’t able to do anything creative with them any longer. The WWE/WCW war was kind of over before it really began since WWE had the upper hand from the start.

3. Shocker – No More Mr. Nice Guy

This was one of the most terrifying movies to ever hit the theaters when it first came out since the idea of someone becoming living electricity is absolutely terrifying. With the wealth of technology we have at our disposal at this point there’s no doubt it could be again. But like all movies back in this era it kind of went out like a candle flame when people had spread it around too often, making it kind of a laughable thing after a while. But if the film was picked up now and remade you can easily imagine that in an updated version it might very well be something uniquely terrifying since it would make people look at their devices in a whole new manner.

2. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey – Go to Hell

The first time they went to the future and determined just how they were supposed to help change the world. This time around however the forces that don’t want them to succeed have found a way to replace Bill and Ted and send them to hell after killing the real Bill and Ted. It makes sense to be honest, but in a kind of teenage, almost stoner way that you really have to shut your brain off to get. All in all though it wasn’t the best of the two, and if there’s a third on the way then it really needs to step up its game in order to get over the hill that this one created. The first one was good though.

1. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Night – Diadems

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Night was, by all means, a campy and kind of ridiculous movie, but it was still entertaining. Plus, the story was kind of interesting from a certain point of view since the whole idea of demons coming after one person in particular is kind of egotistical from a certain standpoint but also kind of scary since it means that person is just that important. The fact that the blood of Christ, or even the blood of a righteous person, is able to repel a demon is something interesting, and could lead towards another remake that might actually surpass the original.

Megadeth is great in their own right, but Mutaine’s issue with Metallica kind of hindered their overall growth.

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